Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dinner with Old Friends

We were posted to Costa Rica as a Foreign Service Officer in 1986 and met two couples right away.  Carlos was the Marine Security Guard commander attached to the U.S. Embassy there and Maria was his wife.  John & Pamela were an USAID couple and John & I worked together.  We hit it off with both couples and became good friends.

They both live out here in Southern California and we stayed with John & Pamela in their beautiful house.  Pamela set up a dinner party and invited Carlos & Maria over to join us.  It had been years since we last saw them, but conversation flowed freely among us.  The girls went into the kitchen and talked there and we guys sat in the living room and caught up on what we've been doing these many years.

We talked so much that we neglected to take many photos, but we at least took a few of them.

Maria & Pamela

Carlos & John
John & Pamela prepared a great meal and we all managed to stuff ourselves.  It wasn't a buffet, but there was so much food on the table that it seemed that way.

Shortly after our settling into our homes in Costa Rica, we watched Carlos & Maria's son Andy for a weekend while they went on a TDY to Panama.  It was just our luck that was the weekend that an earthquake struck.  Gerry ran for Andy & I checked Larry Jr.  They both slept through the 'quake.  We didn't since it was rocking and rolling.  All's well that ends well.

Carlos & Maria had a long drive back home, so we exchanged emails with them and hope we can stay in touch in the future.  It was great seeing you two.

By this time the 4 of us were worn out and called it an early evening.  That was our day, how was yours?  

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