Sunday, February 23, 2014

Crystal Cove State Park, CA

We all lazied around the house today and finally headed down to the beach just before sunset.  Crystal Cove SP is along side of the Highway 1, Pacific Coast highway.  Just across the entrance to one part of the park are some beautiful homes on the hillside.   A quick check for prices stated that the homes range from $2mil to over $24mil.  They sure do look nice from the outside, but I think most of the value of the homes comes from the location.

Gerry and Erin posed for a nice shot at the beach with the $$$ homes behind them.  Pretty as a picture.

The whole family went down to the beach. The 6 yr old twins ran around up and down the hills and never tired out.  I walked to a nice viewing area and got some late shots just before sundown.  That was enough walking for me.

Pretty sunset over the Pacific

Gerry, Erin and the 3 kids walked down to this beach.
 While we were waiting for the walkers to come back up the hill, Herbert noticed a hummingbird flying around at our feet.  I had to take 5-6 photos to get one nice photo to include in the blog.  They sure do fly around fast and don't spend a lot of time in one place.

See the hummingbird in upper right of photo?
 Erin and family live in the city of Irvine and we rode around a little today and it is a beautiful city with flowers, manicured lawns and beautiful homes.  Their home is on a small lake and has a beautiful view from their patio.  We spent a lot of time on the patio enjoying the great weather and were honored to watch a talent show from the twins.

That was our nice day, how was yours?

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  1. Your day was a whole lot more exciting than ours. We went to Church and then waited for the Daytona 500 to be run. Pay all that money for a house and have a neighbor almost on top of you - I don't think so. The view is wonderful but I think the whole earth is filled with beautiful views.