Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Geocaching & Goodbyes

The Spanish have a saying that "visitors and fish begin to smell after 3 days" and we try to follow that advice.  With that being the case, we had a nice breakfast with Pamela & John and then left early enough for them to take care of their chores.

I wanted to pick up a geocache or two along the Pacific Coast Highway and headed to one near the Huntington Beach Pier; however, there was a group of surfer dudes hanging around the cache location.  I tried to pick it up, but they started watching me more closely and I decided to not let them know about the cache.

When I went back to the car in the parking lot a man parked next to us asked if I would mind giving him a jump start since his battery had gone down.  No problem and we quickly had his car running.  He asked if we lived in the area and then said he was a photographer for the LA Times and had been taking pictures at the Pier and beach for the last couple hours.

 Allen J Schaben - LA Times Photographer

We chatted for a while and I filled him in on what geocaching was all about.  We also talked photography for a long time.  He said the photos would be in the LA Times blog, but we weren't able to find them the next day.  

We picked up a couple caches on the way back to Erin & Herb's home and then it started to rain.  Lots of rain.  It rained so hard that I felt sorry for the ducks on the lake behind their home.  Also, the wind picked up and it turned very cool so we spent the rest of the day in the house.  They were getting clothes ready for their trip to Phoenix and a Karate tournament.  We chatted with them as they worked and then visited with the children.  It turned out to be an early get to bed kind of night since we had a long drive ahead of us on Friday.

We finished up a few chores and headed for bed, also.  It rained during the night and woke us up a few times, but it was nice hearing the rain on the rooftop of their house.  After all the activity the past 4-5 days it was nice to slow down and get some rest.


  1. A few days to slow down and recuperate is always a good thing. And you guys have been busy. I'm still thinking about the crabs.

  2. Welcome back. Rest and relax for a few then we need to do something.