Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Trip to RV Doctor

As mentioned in an earlier blog, our toilet in the motorhome is on the fritz.  We can still use it, but it needs to be repaired for satisfactory use in the long run.  

We got up early this morning and packed everything away and drove to La Mesa RV for a 10:00AM appointment.  It is only a short drive and we arrived a little early for the work.   La Mesa assigns a service tech when you have any work done there and they handle your needs each time you go in.  Xavier was confused when I showed up for the appointment and said I wasn't on his list.  I went into the main office and after some searching they "found" my name at 1pm and then 11am.  Interesting.

I explained what the problem was and he said they would start on it shortly.  Since it was a beautiful day we sat outside at their little restaurant and caught up on some emails and then had a huge lunch at their expense.  They had some freshly made cinnamon rolls.  We each had one and then went back and picked up two more for later in the evening.

The techs found out what was wrong with the toilet and tried to sell us a manual one, but we didn't want to do that.  So, they had to order the parts to repair it and I agreed to pay for next day delivery.  Hopefully, the parts will be in on Wed or Thursday.   They said if they get them that fast, they would finish the repair on Friday.  I am not optimistic about that but would be very happy to see it come true.

Then it was back to the RV park and repark the unit.  No problem there and we are setup all nice and level.  While we were gone a piece of plywood I had flew out into the road and Ed put it under a couple boards I have been saving.  He said it became very windy in the park.  I noticed it driving back on I-10, or "the 10" as they say in California.

Later in the evening we met Dick & Sue at a nice Italian restaurant about halfway between them and us.  Argenziano's deliver a huge meal at a reasonable price and the service was great.  The only problem with the place is the acoustics and it was very loud there.  It was difficult talking due to the noise and we were ready to leave fairly quickly.  We brought back enough food in a "doggy bag" for a large dinner.  It was an early evening for us since we got up so early, and I think Dick & Sue were tired, also.

Tuesday is Gerry's favorite night for tv with the two NCIS shows and Person of Interest.  She likes all of them and hates to miss seeing them, but tonight was rerun night and we'd seen all of the shows.  When are they going to start the new season??

It was sunny and warm again today and we enjoyed being outside enjoying the weather.  Now it is time to hit the hay and for me to get ready for an early morning dentist appt.  I hate to think about it, but don't have any choice except to take care of the two bad teeth.  Wish me luck.

That was our exciting day, how was yours?

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