Wednesday, January 29, 2014


We had appointments with the dermatologist today for our annual checkup for skin cancer.  Our appointments were one after the other so it worked out well for us.  Of course, the first thing we had to do was fill out the obligatory forms and give them our health cards.  We've been going to them for three years, but they had a new computer system as a result of the Affordable Care Act.  Just another way for the government to keep track of us.

I was talking with an old couple who were born and have lived in Tucson all their lives.  They looked to be in their mid 80s and she was very sharp and alert.  I asked them how much Tucson has changed over the years and she just laughed.  Our dermatologist has his office on East River Rd and she said it was just a dirt road and hardly ever used.  In addition, there were two high schools and they went to Tucson High and the other was Ampitheatre High out near Marana.  She said they were all farmers and ranchers there.  Also, she remembers when there actually was water in the Santa Cruz river.  Nowdays it is just a sand trap for most of it's length.  Nice people and I had a nice conversation with them.

Both of us had fewer pre-cancer spots this year and that is a good thing.  The first thing he and his assistant did when they came into the room was update my records, including taking a photo, on his computer and it then updated her computer by synching the records.  The second thing he did was start to freeze a couple spots on the top of my head and give me a quick brain freeze.  Whew, I wasn't expecting him doing it 3-4 times real fast.  Then he checked some other spots and gave me a shot of liquid nitrogen on them also.  He was quick and I was out of there in a flash and on my way.  Gerry was waiting for me in the waiting room and we hit the road.

Other than a long telephone chat with daughter Barbara, another with Cassie and a short one with my brother, it was otherwise an uneventful day.  I am still waiting for my head to thaw out.  I can't be held responsible for anything I write today because of the above.

It was another beautiful day here in Tucson with temps around 80 and no wind.  We actually ran the a/c in the car today since it was so warm.  Heater in the morning & a/c in the afternoon.  Love it.  

We stopped by Panera Bread for lunch and sat outside on the patio and enjoyed our meal.  The patio was a little close to Grant Ave, but the road noise wasn't that bad.  We prefer to eat outside whenever possible so it was a real treat.

On the phone with Barbara

Hope all of you in the East, South & Midwest are doing well with the terrible cold and bad weather out there.  Hang in there, it will warm up.

My brother was checking the weather back in Illinois and decided it would be better to stay out here a while longer.  They were talking to a lady who owns a unit next to the one they are staying in and arranged to rent it for two weeks.  I think Dick & Sue have fallen in love with the great Tucson weather.  It's going to be over 80 on Thursday and we have a trip to Mt. Lemmon planned with them.  That will cool them off since it is so much higher in altitude.

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