Sunday, January 26, 2014

Gammons Gulch & The Duke

43 years ago Jay Gammons started to create an authentic old west town with 10 acres on a site 12 miles north of Benson, AZ.  He has collected old buildings, cars, knic-knacs, etc., and now has a site suitable for filming western movies. There are also many museum pieces throughout the town.  It is about 2 blocks long with a few side streets, plus an old mine behind the jail area.  It's a place that you have to see to appreciate and I can't really do it justice writing about it, so I have included a number of photos we took today.

Larry & Dick Clark

Town jail

1931 Buick

Antique Folger's coffee tins

Town Hall

Wagon which has seen better days.

Hotel & Living Qtrs

Barber Shop & Pole

Larry on the banjo

Old water pump & trough

Clark boys taking a break

"My Hero", says Gerry

Blacksmith shop
 A couple of the buildings were not available for entry, as they were "hot sets" for the next movie to be shot there next month.  While the photos say Larry Clark Photos, in reality Gerry took the majority of them.  We both take photos and the program that adds the credits is in my name, so that's the way it goes.

I took the opportunity to pick up two geocaches on the way back from Gammons Gulch.  They were easy ones, but one was a little tricky.  Gerry actually found the tricky one in short order.  I was letting Dick's friend Sue look for the cache and it was a little too difficult for her since she has only gone geocaching once before.  I think she is hooked on the game, but will have to get Dick to work with her on it.  As you can see from the first part of the blog we are up to 1271 caches found and hope to find a lot more now that my knees are working again.

We checked out the Monastery in St. David but they were closed for the day by the time we got there.  A quick trip around St. David and Benson rounded out our time in that area.

We stopped at the Vail Steakhouse on the way home and enjoyed a very nice meal.  Each of us ordered something different and all agreed that we would came back there again.

After dinner we returned to the RV and visited for a while and then Dick & Sue decided it was time to head for their condo and get to bed early.  I think the walking and fresh air wore us all out.

Good night all.  Hope you had as nice a day as we did.

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  1. I really wasn't excited about Gammons Gulch until we got there. It really is a great place to visit and I'm so glad I went. Too bad the Monastery was closed. It's really neat also. Sure glad to hear you are getting around so good with your knee. That's the best news.