Monday, January 20, 2014

Birthday & Doctor visit

My brother celebrated his birthday today and we took him out to dinner at Montgomery's Bar & Grill.  It is a local place and they have great food and cold beer.  What more could you ask for?  Our friend Ron K likes Montgomery's and he met my brother a couple times in the past, so we invited him to join us.

We arrived during "Happy Hour", but Gerry and I were the only ones who took advantage of a couple cold Dos XX beers.  The others were more sedate and ordered iced tea and pepsi.  Everyone enjoyed their meals and drinks.  The little gathering for Dick's birthday celebration went very well.  Gerry made a birthday card for Dick and I gave him a Hooters Calendar.

Sue, Dick, Larry, Gerry & Ron

They arrived earlier in the day and we sat around and chatted while Gerry went to a routine doctor's appointment which went well.  No surprises or anything like that.

A friend of ours here at the park, Cliff, stopped by to borrow a movie and stopped long enough to chat with us.  Cliff was a truck driver for many years,  He and Dick had a nice chat about the trucking industry and driving big rigs.  Dick was an owner/operator of a tractor/trailer for many years and loved the job.

Grant, Dick & Me

We had a little problem last night when our toilet broke.  Now this isn't like a household toilet or anything like that.  It is electrically operated and difficult to work with.  I managed to stop it from flushing non stop and I also book a 10:00am appointment on Tuesday to have it repaired.  I am not optimistic that La Mesa will have the needed parts in stock and most likely will have to order them from Dometic.  I don't think the parts will be that big so we are willing to pay for quick shipping from the vendor.  Keep your fingers crossed.

Other than the above it was a quiet, sunny and beautiful day out here in the desert.  This has been a great run of super weather and it's what we expected all along.  I hope it continues for the rest of the time we are here.  Love it!

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