Friday, January 31, 2014

To The Top of the Mountain

We had plans to take a trip up to Mt. Lemmon today and while I was at PT, Kari asked if Gerry could come in for her PT in the afternoon.  A quick call to Gerry and she said she would be there.  It has been difficult scheduling time for Gerry since she just started and all the times are filled.

That left Dick, Sue and me to make the drive up the mountain.  Mt. Lemmon overlooks Tucson and is about 9800 ft high.  We drove from 3,000 ft to 8,000 ft in about 40 miles.  The scenery change is spectacular with desert on the bottom of the drive and pine trees at the top.  The road became very steep the last 10 miles or so and the drive is full of curves and long dropoffs.  

I managed to take some pictures since Dick drove his truck up the hill and I was free to actually view some of the sights.  I have always driven in the past and it was nice to ride along and enjoy the views.  

Ski run on near the summit

Tucson from 30 miles away

Hazy day over Tucson
 It was close to 80 degrees when we started the drive up the mountain but there was still snow on the top with temps closer to the high 40s.  We checked out the ski run and the town of Summerhaven, then began the drive back down the mountain.  Dick took his time and we stopped a number of times to let drivers pass us since we weren't in a hurry.  A few of them were and passed us in a no passing zone and on a curve.   Guess they were in a hurry for happy hour or something like that.

We picked up Gerry and headed for Montgomery's Restaurant in Vail for dinner.  Once again, we enjoyed a great meal and company.  Then Dick & Sue headed back to their condo in Green Valley, tired out, but they had a great day.


  1. That is a drive I really want to make someday. There are always going to be idiots on the road.

    1. Gerry and I both enjoy the drive and try and make it 2-3 times a season. It is very beautiful after a snow and after they clear the highway of snow.

  2. I Loved that trip with you!
    The scenery changed drastically, the snow was neat to see in April in shorts and the town coming back down was unique for an East Coast Girl!! Wasn't that where we had the picnic?