Monday, January 27, 2014

Chinese Food & Casinos

This post is out of order, but wanted to publish the Gammons Gulch one while it was fresh on my mind.  It's amazing how the days run together out here in the desert.

Sue was in the mood for Chinese food and they also were looking for a flea market on the south side of Tucson.  They drove all over and couldn't find the flea market, so they gave us a call and wanted us to join them for dinner.  Ron C had told us about a nice Chinese restaurant in the area where they were, so we hurried up and headed over to the Grand Buffet on Valencia Ave.  They had a good selection of food and for the most part it was tasty.  We managed to eat more than we should have and then waddled out of the restaurant. 

Dick & Sue were ready to head back to their condo since they had been on the go all day.  We started back to the motor home and Gerry remembered that there was a casino nearby.  So, we turned west and drove out to Casino del Sol to try our luck on the slots.  For a change I lost my meager contribution and Gerry kept winning on the penny slots.  I finally moved over to an area where I could watch basketball games.  I saw portions of 5-7 NBA games and a game between the Northern Arizona University woman's team and North Dakota State.  It turned out to be a high scoring game and was interesting to watch.

Then a group started to place their musical instruments on the nearby stage and were setting up for a concert or something.  I sat there and listened to them warming up and it sounded like a jam session.  Finally the area started filling up with people who knew each other and they were settling in for the concert.  It was about this time that Gerry returned with winnings and we beat a hasty exit from the casino.

Gerry had a great time and managed to play the slots for 2+ hours and still wound up winning more than she lost.  Cheap entertainment for a Saturday night.  I have a feeling we will be out there again in the near future.

That was our exciting Saturday, how was yours?

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  1. Was the buffet in the same strip mall area as Home Depot? We went there a couple times in years past but the last time we went the food was old and tasteless. Glad yours was good.