Saturday, January 18, 2014

Bisbee, AZ trip

We took many pictures on our trip to Bisbee and I didn't want to overwhelm everyone yesterday, however this is another day.

The picture below is a wall decoration at the Santiago Restaurant in Bisbee where we had dinner yesterday.  I have always enjoyed this picture and especially the colors.  Of course I am not an art critic, so it is just my opinion.

The lavender pit copper mine is the main reason for the existence of Bisbee.  The pit was mined for decades and is just outside the center of the town.  The mine closed down a number of years ago and the town almost died out, but now it is an artist's colony and doing very well.

 There aren't many places in Bisbee that are level and the homes are built on steep hillsides.  In this photo you can see roofs of houses below the road and other houses above the road.  This is a two way street and very narrow.  If two cars meet, usually one will have to back up to a wider spot.  No sidewalks, so you have to watch out for walkers.  Fun place to drive.

 This street is even steeper than it looks in the picture.  I would guess it is around 17-20% incline.

 Anyone in the mood for a purple house?  They love to paint the homes in funky colors and since there are so many of them, they don't look out of place.

 Main street Bisbee looking toward the big "B" on the hillside.  The old buildings have been restored and look great.  Most of them are touristy places selling art, jewelry, and other upscale goods.

OK.  I guess nobody read the blog yesterday since I didn't get one person to even try and guess what the miner's car was.  Come on folks, what is it?

That's all for today.