Thursday, January 23, 2014

RV Doctor result

We got an early morning phone call that shattered our peaceful sleep.  Where oh where was the phone and how do I shut if off?  Since it was a local number, I mumbled into it and a cheerful person informed me that our part for the toilet in the RV had arrived.  I paid extra for overnight shipping and it was a good thing that I had since the weather back in the Midwest was terrible.  If it had been shipped via truck I would have to wait until next week at the earliest for the part.

We managed to get ready and drove the RV to La Mesa and left it for them to finish the job they had started.  Gerry had PT scheduled so we drove back to her appointment and she received her first treatment for a sore neck.  No, it wasn't me that caused the problem.  Then it was back to La Mesa to pick up the RV.  Ron K likes to check out RVs and he went back with us.

Gerry and Ron checked out a few new RVs while I talked to the service tech about when the job would be finished.  There was a really nice 2014 Tiffin 37' Allegro Bus on the lot and they were very impressed by the coach.  It was nice, but there were some fatal flaws in the RV and I didn't like it that much.  It was too dark inside and the furniture arrangement was not right for the coach.  It did have four 42" tvs throughout, which was a little over the top for me.

   I managed to drag them out of the coach before Gerry bought it and by then our Bus was ready to roll.  Once I parted with $$ galore, I left in our coach and Ron rode along with me.  It was his first trip in a coach our size and I think he liked the ride.

Then it was back to setting up the coach again and relaxing for a few minutes.  My brother called and said they were at TTT visiting a friend and invited us to join them for dinner.  Back out on the road and up to TTT for a hot roast beef sandwich for Gerry and catfish filets for me.  Once again there was too much food, but we did enjoy the dinner with Dick & Sue.  

We made it an early evening since by then we were worn out and ready for bed.  

Just another exciting day for us out here in the desert.  What about you, what did you do for excitement?


  1. My excitement??? I have internet again. Now that is exciting. Having a working toilet is a wonderful thing. We only have two TV's and only watch one of those. Not sure why you would ever need four of them.

  2. I'm in Clearwater, FL...large room, toilet works, 1 42" TV and I don't know if that works since we haven't turned it on. Free breakfast, free water, free newspaper and guess what they even have someone that will make my bed, clean the toilet and wash my to being home, this is one great campground!