Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Yep, we are in Hollywood and checking the area out.  Hollywood, SC that is!  Actually, we drove the car to Summerville today looking at homes in a Del Webb community.  We aren't looking to buy a home soon, but wanted to see what it was like in this area.  The community is way out in the boondocks among all the pine trees.  We were surprised how far the development was from any shopping centers, until we saw a new Publix grocery store nearby.  

We weren't impressed with the homes that we saw and liked the ones in Tucson much more.  The clubhouse was huge and they had nice tennis courts, pickleball courts, swimming pools and other nice features, but the homes were made out of wood framing and vinyl siding.  The lawns were very small and all the garages face the street.  Overall, were weren't impressed with the place.

There was a new high school at the entrance to the community and it was huge.  It was almost 3 blocks long and looked more like a small college than a high school.  I don't know how many students they have there, but they must bus them in from all over the county.

We stopped at a Gilligans seafood restaurant on the way back to the campground and had a nice meal.  Gerry had a shrimp pasta dish that she said was very good and I had a Panka? fish grilled.  It was tasty, but it seemed a little mushy to me.  I didn't get sick, so I assume that was the way it was supposed to be.  I don't think I would order it again, but maybe it will grow on me.

Our Tom Tom GPS power charger bit the dust and the battery went completely dead.  Best Buy had a 12V carphone charger with a USB option and we plugged the GPS in but nothing happened. The phone was also plugged in and it seems that only one device can be charged at a time.  Once the phone was fully charged, then the GPS started charging.  That was a relief to us since we depend on the GPS quite a bit in our travels.  It came in handy returning to the campground since we avoided the traffic around Charleston and had the backroads to ourselves almost all the way back.

We are camped at Passport America campground called LakeAire RV Park and Campground in Hollywood, FL.  The entrance way and roads in the campground are full of small potholes, but aren't a problem if you drive slowly.  It seems to be typical of campground like this in that there are a number of units that are being lived in fulltime and look a little shabby, while others are nicer.  They do have a pool and a fishing lake and the sites are a nice size.  We have put this on our list of places to stay while we are in the area.

BTW:  I only got three guesses where we are at the present time.  Two were close and the other not so close.  Ravenel bridge crosses the harbor in Charleston and just opened a few years ago.  The USS Yorktown is docked in the harbor and is no longer in service. 

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