Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Our Bags Are Packed

If you follow this blog you know that we are leaving for Australia on Feb 3.  Yep, tomorrow is the big day.  The bags are packed & we actually have extra space & aren't near our weight allowance.  Hopefully, we can come back with the bags full.

The fireplace is going full blast since it is cold out here again.   It will be a short cold snap & then on to better weather here in Tucson.  The last couple days have been windy to go with the cold.  Time to get out of here.

We will be flying to Los Angeles & catch a 15 hour flight to Sydney, Australia.   Gerry's cousin will pick us up at the airport and we will be staying with her for a while.   She has an apartment in downtown Sydney which will be a good base to see all the sights.  We have a long list of interesting places to visit & can't wait to get started.

We met friends Martha & Kathy for dinner at the Silver Saddle Steakhouse last week.  We always have a good time with them & the time goes by quickly with constant chatter.

32 years at same location

Kathy & Martha

We did miss out on the baptism of our twin great granddaughters this past weekend.   We would have loved to have attended the baptism, however with it coming so close to our departure we couldn't manage it.  A number of photos were taken & we have a few of them.

Their great aunt on their mother's side of the family made beautiful baptism dresses from the cloth of their grandmother's wedding dress.  

Riley & Hayden

Those two are going to be heartbreakers when they get older.  They are very happy babies & a joy to be around.  Hmm, already stealers of hearts it seems.

Larry Jr, Jane & Grant went to the baptism & took a great selfie of the three of them.  Grant is growing up fast & is 5' 11" now.

Cassie & Bella made the long drive down there for the event.  Jack had to stay behind due to losing time at work during the snow storm.  Bella managed to get some twin holding time & obviously enjoyed it.

Not to be outdone Aunt Stephanie & Uncle Shawn took their turn with the twins.  

Shawn & Hayden; Stephanie & Riley

I just hope the girls learn how to walk with everyone holding them.  I know Gerry would be in there with the holding part. 

To add to all the above celebration, our great grandson Griffin celebrated his 3rd birthday among all the other festivities.  Happy Birthday Griffin.

This blog has gone on long enough, so it's time to end it for tonight.  I plan on blogging while we are in Australia.   So, check back in a few days after we go "down under".


  1. That can't be possible. You have to be overweight! I fly back to Ohio for Christmas from Texas and hit 50 lbs. right on the nose. I need you two to pack me next December.

    You just have to look at their parents to know they are going to be beautiful. Congratulations. A Baptism is such a wonderful day to celebrate!

  2. They are just so gorgeous and definitely heart stealers. You are probably in the air as I write this so have an absolutely fantastic time. Looking forward to those blog posts.

  3. I know you are on your way. Have a fun fun trip.
    Congrats on the babies' baptisms!

  4. What a happy and busy blog! We sure did miss you for all the festivities but so glad you have so many pics to live thru!!!
    Glad you're under weight now you can bring home goodies to remember your trip by!!! Enjoy life down under!!! Love you!