Friday, February 19, 2016


Friday, Feb 12, 2016

Rachel made dinner a reservation at Bittons, a nearby French restaurant, for 7pm.  It was a small place with tables on the street & in a couple rooms inside.  It wasn’t full when we arrived and we were seated quickly.  The French waitress came to our table and opened a bottle of mineral water without asking if we wanted it.  No problem, it was only $8 Australian.  $5.60 American.  She also brought a small complimentary salmon appetizer which was very good.

Gerry & I ordered salmon & Rachel ordered from the appetizer menu.  As is the French custom she was served first and when she finished her plate we waited for a while for the main entrée.  A nice carafe of wine helped during the wait.  By this time the restaurant had filled up and it became very noisy.  I could barely hear the girls talking so I mostly people watched.

Next up was the entrees which were good but were tiny portions.  We ordered bread with the meal and the charge was $7 Australian for bread slices about the size of one piece of toast.    After that we each had a dessert (Gerry & I shared a chocolate mousse ).  Then they brought out a spoonful of crème broule to add to the dessert portion of the meal.

We wound up spending  3.5 hours there for the dinner.  We enjoyed the meal and service.  It was a great evening.

Evidently the girls didn’t drink enough wine so we all had a glass of wine at the apt while sitting on the balcony.   As stated before, Rachel has a nice view of downtown Sydney.

That was our day, how was yours?

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  1. A little more spendy than what we do back here but then ours isn't near as fancy. That view would be wonderful.