Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Afternoon Trip

Friday 5, 2016

The previous blog covered the morning half of our first day in Sydney.  We continued down the ocean coast to see more beautiful parts of  Sydney.   We were surprised at how hilly the coast line is.  Most American beaches we’ve seen have gently slopes to the water.  There are exceptions in California, Oregon, Washington, Maine, etc, but the majority are gently slopes.  The cliffs make for some great views & photo opportunities.

We stopped at Watson Bay on harbor side and enjoyed the view there.   I noticed a seafood restaurant & we put in on a return there to enjoy some fresh seafood & enjoy the view.

Further up the coast was Sydney Harbour National Park.  There some huge old trees there that were on each side of a road.  They must have been over 200 years old.  There was a small beach area that heavily used by families.   They had shark nets protecting the swimming area.

From there we returned to the apt via Rose Bay and Centennial park.  Rachel has sponsored 4 trees there & wanted to check them out.  The park is huge with a number of uses and it was very active when we drove through it.

Rachel at Centennial  park 

It was a busy day and we ordered meals from a Thai restaurant called THAI DOYTAO Express.  We picked three items from the menu and shared the food.  Don’t ask me what we ate since I’m not sure.  We did enjoy the dishes and there was too much to eat  It was convenient since it was just across the street from the apt.

I am on a mission to try as many Australian beers as I can.  Whew, there are a lot of different beers here.  To my surprise I haven’t seen one Foster’s beer since we have been here.  It isn’t held in high regard by the Australians.   I will try one if I can find it.

We crashed after dinner and went to bed and must have been asleep before our heads hit the pillows.


  1. You are doing good with the tablet for the blog and pics.
    Have a super good time and keep those pics coming when you can.

  2. Glad you're enjoying yourselves. We check your place when we get our mail. The car is there and the lights under the motor home are working. We're having beautiful weather this week. Unseasonably warm. Have yourselves a great time.