Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Sitting in LAX Awaiting Takeoff

Our friend Ron K arrived to pick us up at 9:00 AM to take us to the airport for our trip to Australia.   We had a few last minute details to finish and were ready to go 10 minutes  later.  The RV park is only about 25 minutes away and we were in line by 9:35.

It was a good thing we got there early since there was some confusion about our boarding pass & seat assignment.  It seems when the American Airlines agent gave us early seat assignments on Monday it caused the problem.  The ticketing agent tried to give us another seat assignment and we wound with two seats each.  Ooooopppss.  I'm big, but not that big.  She finally worked out with help and we were on our way.

The view from the window between Tucson & Los Angeles is 99% desert, but Gerry managed to get a nice shot of a copper mine.

The flight here was fine and we arrived early.  We picked up our boarding passes and met Gerry's niece, Erin, who was in the airport at the same time.  She was on her way to Northern California for a meeting.  We had a very nice chat & she was on her way.  I had received an email from her husband & replied that we were at LAX & he contacted Erin.  What luck.

Erin & Gerry
Gerry & I were hungry so we shared a 10" pizza and had two draft beers.  There went $38.00 in a flash.  The pizza was great and you can't go wrong with Stella beer.  It really hit the spot.

Then we began our 8 hour wait for the next flight.  The chairs are very uncomfortable, but it will all be worth it.

I will write more when we get settled in Australia.   Now I am going to try and get some sleep.


  1. Eight hot layover is no fun for sure. Enjoy your adventure.

  2. This is just so exciting. And a visit with Erin is a great plus.

  3. This is just so exciting. And a visit with Erin is a great plus.

  4. And you're off!!!! YahooYahooYahoo!
    By the time you read this you'll be down under & it'll be tomorrow!!
    What a great bonus to visit with Erin!! Ladies sure are looking good!!
    I'll take a Stella anytime! Enjoy & do something wild & crazy there!!!

  5. Love it. Have fun and I know you will. Can't wait for updates.

  6. Hope you've landed by now. It's getting warmer here at CC. Hope you have a fun time but we will miss you. So much going on. Tubac and Wertz gourd are next weekend.