Friday, February 5, 2016

Touchdown in Australia

We had a long 15 hour flight from LAX to Sydney which went smoothly for the most part.  There were some turbulence for short periods, bought not that bad.  The worst part was the 1 year old who screamed for 3-4 hours.  For once I was glad that I can't hear that well.

Cousin Rachel met us at the airport and whisked up away quickly after we gathered our suitcases.  She provided us of a short tour of Sydney on the way to her condo.  I was trying to get mind unscramble from driving on the wrong side of the thenormous road.  It was even more difficult since I was sitting where I always do, but she had the steering wheel & controlled the brakes.

We dropped off our luggage and took a quick shower were back on the road.  She wanted to give us  chance to get a feel where we were and what was in the area. 

One special area was Bronte & Bondi beach.  They are near each other and beautiful places.  First up was Bronte beach.  

Bronte beach

Great surfing
Bondi  beach


Bar & Restaurant
The members of a group swim every day of the year at the pool at Icebergs.  New Years day they pour ice into the pool and act like polar bears.

I am still getting used to posting with the tablet.  Little difficult posting pictures.  Hopefully I will learn quickly.