Friday, February 12, 2016

St Mary's Cathedral, Manly Beach

Sunday, Feb 7, 2016

We had walked past St. Mary’s Cathedral on Saturday and waere very impressed with the grandeur of it.  So, Sunday morning we went there for a High Mass.  The inside of the Cathedral was even more impressive with columns & stain glass windows.   The mass was given in Latin  & English & I didn’t understand either of them.

There was a ceremony which we thought was inducting young boys into the choir.  The choir was huge and exceptionally good.  It looked there were over 40 members in the group.  We, along with many others, stayed around to take photos after the mass.

After mass we had lunch nearby at Bodhi, an outdoor café/garden restaurant.  The servers come by with trays full of dishes in small portions and you make your selections.  We tried a number of them & they were all good.  I also had a bottle of Coopers Original Pale Ale  beer and it was very good.  We relaxed in the garden area and took our time with the meals.

Then it was on to a local telephone kiosk to purchase a sim card to insert in an old smartphone of Rachel’s that she wasn’t using.   In addition, we purchased 28 days of unlimited voice & texting in Australia.   It also included 6gig of data & I have been using the phone as a Hotspot to connect with our Samsung tablet.   The service is 4G and is a quite fast.

We then headed down to the harbor and caught the ferry to Manly which took 25 minutes.  We enjoyed the view of the harbor from the ferry very much.  There are multiple million dollar homes on the hillsides all along the way there.  My back was acting up so we popped into a nearby waterfront restaurant named Hugos Manly on the wharf.  We ordered a couple appetizers & drinks and sat and enjoyed the view.

The ride back was equally as the trip out and we took more photos of the Opera House, Harbor bridge, Navy ships and the hundreds of sail boats of all sizes.  There seemed to have been a sailboat race going on we got up close & personal with the boats.

We caught a local business back to Rachel’s where she prepared a very nice salmon salad for dinner.   We sat around with a glass of wine and chatted away the evening.  Great way to  finish off a pleasant day


  1. The Cathedral is gorgeous. Glad y'all are enjoying your trip.

  2. Had to chuckle when you said you didn't understand the mass. Afraid that would be my problem also. Sorry about your back giving you trouble though. The Cathedral is just awesome.