Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Double Birthday Party

Saturday,  February 13, 2016

We were invited to a double birthday party on Saturday night.  Patrick is married to Vivian (Gerry’s cousin ) and he has a twin brother, Steven.  They turned 60 a couple days ago & their wives threw them a big birthday party on the lawn at Steven's beautiful home.  

They grew up in the area and have many friends between them that are friends from their childhood.  There was a trival pursuit kind of game to see who knew the twins the best.  If the answer to the question was Steven you patted you're  head & if Patrick you patted your butt.  If the answer applied to both, then you patted your head & butt at the same time.  The questions were asked if you were incorrect you were out of the game.  This went on for many rounds until a male frind won after several tie breaker questions.   There was a lot of laughter & jokes flying around during the game.

There was an endless supply of great finger foods, beer, wine and liquor.  After all, they are Irish.  I managed to try 4-5 different Australian beers and they all were good. 

 Gerry got to talking with a number of people like she always does so I joined Mike (cousin & father of Vivian & Rachel) on the steps near the outside bar.  We had an ideal spot near the beer and the food.

We left the party after midnight & it finally broke up around 4 am Sunday morning.  They are party hardy kind of people and love to have a good time. 

Patrick & Steven

Patrick & Steven in the smoke from their sparked candles

Mike & Rachel

Gerry & Mike
We had a great time helping them celebrate their special day.

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  1. You guys are going to need weeks to recuperate when you get back to the US. But oh what wonderful memories.