Monday, January 25, 2016

Glad We Missed It

Our children & their families live in Maryland & North Carolina back in the cold.  Son Larry Jr & dau Barbara live in the Charlotte, NC area & missed the heavy snowfall but had ice on the roads.  They both said it was rough driving the 1st day but not so bad after that.

The picture above is from the patio of our son's home.  Looks like he escaped with a dusting of snow.  Barbara had the same amount in her backyard.

Saturday Larry Jr. and Jane celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary by braving the snow and ice to go to a nice brunch.  It's hard to believe it's been 10 years since they were married, but time does go by fast when you are having fun.  Technically it's more than that, however that's another story.


Barbara went in to work on Sunday  & had son Ryan drop her off at work.  Henry picked her up in their Chevy Avalanche & managed to get stuck in their driveway trying to park it.  In his defense, their driveway is steep &  curvy.   You would think someone who grew up in upstate New York could have handled it better.  Just saying.

Their day turned out fine since they are BIG Carolina Panthers fans.  In case you haven't heard they beat the Cardinals bad.  Congrats Panthers. 

It was an even sweeter day for grandson Sean and great grandaughters Hayden & Riley since it was Sean's birthday on Sunday.  Do you think he looks like a proud papa?

  Our daughter Cassie didn't make out as well in Maryland.  It started snowing there early and kept going to the tune of 30 inches plus.  Yikes!  She enjoyed seeing the beauty of the snow & the serenity.   I wonder how long it will be before cabin fever sets in. 

The photos below tell the story better than I can.

Like I said above, we are glad we missed the event.  I hope they have their parking space cleared before we return this summer. 

In the meantime we  suffered through 80F & sunny days.  Life is good.

This was prepared on our Samsung Galaxy Tab A.  Hope it looks ok.


  1. I agree. Sure glad we are suffering here in Arizona. Horrible game yesterday.

  2. Hayden & Riley are dolls!

    Oh you poor thing. Suffering in 80 degree weather. Prayers for all those in the NE. Hope they get all the clean up done very quickly.

  3. Well it did miss maine but i still rather be here in the warmth. Do have a most enjoyable trip and will miss seeing you both for awhile. we were parked right in front of you at Wal Mart yesterday, nose to nose vehicles!!