Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Coffee, Potluck & Geocaching

Our day started out with the Tuesday morning coffee & donuts at the activity center.  It's  a good way to chat & visit with  friends.  Today the chat was about football & politics.  Our friends Bud & Muriel are Canadians & like to discuss politics.  They are of the same mindset as us so it doesn't get heated.  His birthday is tomorrow and I want to wish him a very happy birthday.  If you see him on Wednesday, make sure you wish him a happy birthday.

Gerry went to her sewing club and worked on quilts for the Linus project and I decided since it was such a nice day out, I would go geocaching in the area.  I wanted to try the smartphone app for geocaching and was very surprised and pleased with it.  It helped me find 5 caches and lead me to a 6th, but I couldn't find it.  The hint was that it was white & gray.  Big help, all the rocks in the area were white and gray.  I will take sharp eye Gerry along with me on Wednesday and go back and find it.

There was a potluck dinner in the evening and Gerry made a nice salad as our contribution.  Of course we didn't have all the ingredients so we had to go shopping for them.  It was worth it since the salad was great.

We wound up sitting with Ron & Dee C and Bud & Muriel again and continued on with the morning conversation.  Our table was called first to the food table and we had our choice of all the goodies there.  There was enough food for seconds but we were full from the first trip and didn't go back.  Bud and I managed to make the facebook page for the park as we were waiting in line.  If you look closely you can see Gerry's hands spooning something out of the pot on the left.

As usual the potluck dinner ended early and everyone went their way.  Since it was the State of The Union speech by the President, we skipped it as usual and went for a ride around the area.  I wanted to check out the tablet for geocaching and found out it won't work very well.  I guess I will be taking my Delorme GPS along with us to Australia and use it there.

That was our day, how was yours?


  1. We try to avoid politics at all cost!

    We have never attended a pot luck where we didn't over eat. Lol. Yummy.

  2. My days have been spent lately trying, mind you, I said trying to stay 1 step ahead of a head cold as I work & sleep inbetween! Jared & Hannah surprised us by coming over after work to chat around the fire pit! Fun times by all ~ although Henry, alas shrinking Henry must not have enough fat left to keep him warm; was the 1st to call Uncle & head back inside! Love you!!