Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year

I've been feeling under the weather lately and didn't feel up to going out and celebrating the arrival of 2016.  2016!!!!!   Where in the world did 2015 go?  We did stay up until midnight and had a drink to bring in the new year. 

We celebrated our first New Year Eve together back in 1956 and every one since then.  I still remember we went out on a triple date with Weye & Marilyn and Marilyn's sister and her husband Roy.  We drove around to a number of taverns, dance halls and wound up finishing the evening at the Worden Y at a bar.  They had cheap beer and dancing so it was a great place to stop.  The bar is still in use and is called Digger's Dugout and looks the same as it did 59 years ago.

For many years we had parties at our home and celebrated the new year coming in.  We had great times at these parties but they became so large that we had to stop having them.  Then our great friends Jim & Loretta started having parties at their home for a few years and later we went to dances in the area for the celebration.

Lots of great times with good friends over the years.  Many have passed on or don't go out anymore so it's been a lot quieter on new year's eve.  At least we have the memories and still look forward to watch the ball drop in Times Square.

We wish everyone a Healthy, Prosperous & Happy New Year.  


  1. Sure hope you are feeling better. Jim and I used to welcome the New Year by dancing at Hunter's - but they tore it down to build a shopping mall. Have a happy 2016 and enjoy every minute of it.

  2. Bad cold here. Kept us for doing anything but sleeping. Oh well, there is always next year. Hope you are feeling much better.
    Happy New Year. Enjoy your adventures!

  3. Happy New Year! We talked to the kids and texted friends. Went out to eat BBQ but was home before 8. Watched the ball drop. Pretty much quiet around here.

  4. Happy New Year!! ~2016~
    We spent the evening with ALL the kids at Jared & Hannah's NYE Oyster Roast! They had 2 bushels of oysters & a keg. All anyone else had to provide was champagne and/or a side. We did both 2 bottles, meatballs & a big plate of candy/cookies homemade! Taylor brought a big crockpot of lasagna. There were many dips, wings, etc including crab dip. It was good& close to our recipe but prefer ours still so didn't get the recipe. Henrys still "on the wagon" & being the early riser was itching to go rather early... He made it til 9:38! Off we went as did Taylor & Sean as she had to be up at 4:30 to get the babies fed & off to work, Steph & Shawn left then as well-- Shawn was in call, so Stephanie made sure she drank enough bubbly for both of them! Larry & Jane didn't make it as Grant was under the weather. I'm sure the rest of the crowd made it well past the midnight hour!
    Feel better quickly!!! Love you!