Sunday, January 10, 2016

We Can Still Be Friends

You all dodged a bullet last night regarding staying friends with me.  I know some will think who is this arrogant person, but I am not an arrogant guy at all.  The obvious quest why we can still be friends was revealed about 10pm here in Tucson and it involved the internet.

Rather than keep you in suspense any longer, I have to tell you all that we didn't win the $900M lottery last night.  If we had won, then you wouldn't be in our economic circle and would have to be dropped. After all, how would it look, us having a  $2.5M Prevost towing a Cadillac Escalade sitting next to you in a RV RESORT.  So, we can still be friends.

As you may have figured out by now this is written with tongue in cheek.  I've read where sudden wealth changes a person since their old friends don't feel comfortable around them in the mansions, yachts, airplane and all the other ways to spend huge amounts of money.  I'm lucky in the respect that I know who all my relatives are and wouldn't have new found ones hitting me up for money.  Well, maybe a few of the known ones would contact me, but not that many.

You all are safe for a few more days until the next drawing is held.  I just know the winning ticket will end up in my hands.  The problem then will be how to spend $1.3billion ( yes billion ).  If anyone has a suggestion, send them to me.  Your name on the suggestion is not needed.   I know about charity, yachts, airplanes, free money from Nigeria, etc.  Don't send those suggestions.

We watched a wild football game between the Steelers and Bengals yesterday.  It was obvious from the start that these two teams do not like each other and probably don't exchange Christmas cards.  It was a hard hitting game and progressed into a penalty filled game at the end.  The Bengals had the game won and managed to give it to the Steelers in the last few seconds due to penalties.  Penalties that were deserved since the  infractions were so blatant.  I actually was sort of rooting for the Bengals to win since they haven't won a playoff game since the 1990s, but went back to the Steelers at the end.

The KC-Texans playoff game didn't go the way I wanted since KC won.  I was hoping the Texans could overcome all their injuries and pull the game out.  No such luck.

All I can say about the games today is GO SKINS!


  1. You will always be my friend because we didn't buy a ticket. I wouldn't want 5o win that much money and all the headaches and problems that go with it. If I could remain anonymous that would be different. I was cheering for the Bengals for awhile but by the end I was so disgusted with the team and the fans I really wanted them to lose.
    GO SKINS!!!!

  2. Well you know me Dad, it was Steelers for me, even though I'm not a big fan of Ben. I think you are right about now exchange of Christmas cards.
    I know I didn't win either, I forgot to buy my ticket. I was hoping a family member won so I could hit them up. Just kidding...or am I???

  3. And I loved "watching" the games with you.

  4. GO KC!!!! I probably will expect a donation from your winnings. NOW, if I win, most is already doled out so I may not have much more than a few dollars to give you. Might be able to squeeze something in like a Lamborghini for Gerry.