Monday, January 4, 2016

Geocaches, Surf & Turf

I have a Delorme GPS for geoaching and now I can also geocache with my Samsung S5 smartphone.  The other day I was waiting for Gerry to finish some shopping and decided to use the phone to see if there was a cache in the area.  Lo & behold there was one 100ft away from where I was parked.  It was an easy one so I decided to pick it up and log it through the phone.  A day later and another parking lot and I picked up another cache.  Neat!

We were on the phone and computer all afternoon on Saturday and by the time we were finished with our business it was too late to prepare dinner.  Gerry suggested we go to Montgomery's Grill and take advantage of $2 Shocktop beers.  Gerry ordered a prime rib dinner and I had the fish platter.  She said the prime rib was superb and I enjoyed the fish so it was a win win situation for us.  Plus, the beers were cold.

If you like football, then these past few days were full of college, high school and professional games for you to enjoy.  TCU overcame a 31-0 deficit with their 2nd string QB to beat Oregon in overtime.  The game looked more like a flag football game with all the passing.  The two teams racked up over 950 yards passing.  There were a few good college games but most of them were lopsided routs.  What happened to defenses in college?

The Redskins continue to play well and beat the "Boys" in Dallas and made it look easy.  They scored early and often and then pulled a couple starters and the Boys made a small comeback.  Earlier this season the 'Skins were given no chance of getting in the playoffs.  They had a great turnaround and won their division and will be playing the Green Bay Packers next weekend to see who continues playing this year.  I hope the Packers underestimate them and the 'Skins season will be extended even more.   GO 'SKINS!!! 

It's been warmer out here the past couple days and it's been very welcome.  They are calling for some more nice days; however, it's still cooler this year than in the past few years we've been here.  

My niece Jeanie and husband Curt are in the Florida Keys for the next couple months.  I'm sure they are enjoying themselves sitting on the beach and sipping adult beverages.  Maybe next year we can join them down there for a few weeks.

The Russians once again have taken an interest in my blog.  I guess they are trying to crack the password and do something with the blog.  I don't include last names, financial info, emails, etc on the blog so I can't imagine why they have taken an interest in it.  Maybe they are trying to improve their English.  

Well, that's it for us here in sunny Tucson.  Hope everyone is enjoying 2016 so far and having a great time.   


  1. We love watching the boys in college play football. They play their hearts out.

    Houston has been pretty chilly the last week. Yesterday it was gorgeous. We are on our way to Mission, Texas today. Hope the weather is nice. Wishing you. Great weather in that lovely town.

  2. Isn't it fun to just happen upon a cache a few hundred feet away? I wish there were more caches to find down here...