Monday, January 4, 2016

Rainy Day In Tucson

It started raining early this morning and has been raining on and off all day.  So far we've had an official accumulation of 1.1 inches and it is still coming down at 10pm.  The weather forecast is calling for heavy snow in the surrounding mountains tonight thru Tuesday morning.  The temps will be below freezing at the higher altitude and we should have snow capped mountains to view in the morning.

Rincon Mts -  Feb 2013
We had some visitors today and wound up chatting all day with Ron C coming by early and then Judy & Steve A spending the afternoon.  It was nice seeing them and catching up on what they have been up to lately.  We have plans to go out to dinner with them on Wednesday at a local steakhouse.  

Gerry is feeling under the weather like I was a couple days ago, but seems to be recovering slightly.  I fixed her a nice hot green tea with lemon and honey to help with her congestion.  We both need to get well enough to get our flu shots.  We usually get them in October but events prevented that.  

Nothing much else is going on around here.  Most people have been staying inside and avoiding the rain and cool weather. That's about it from here in sunny and warm Tucson,  NOT!  Hope you are enjoying nice days wherever you are.

BTW:   Did I tell you that I am sick of rain.  I don't think we had this much rain when we lived in Costa Rica during the rainy season.  Trust me, it was wet down there.

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  1. I'm trying to think positive. The rain is needed to fill up the reservoirs and help the drought situation. But boy am I sick of it. And we have more coming. Jim dug out his raincoat so he can take the girls out. They aren't impressed either.