Thursday, December 4, 2014

Windy Travel Day to Van Horn, TX

We left the campground early this morning since we had a 440 mile drive to Van Horn, TX where we are stopped for the night.  It was an overcast day and quite windy for most of the drive.  Of course, the winds of 20+ mph were hitting the side of the motor home and wanted to blow us off the road, but we hung in there and arrived in one piece.  For those who don't know, wind is the enemy of motor homes and side winds are the worst case.

We made good time for the majority of the trip until we got to Midland, TX where there was a 5-7 mile backup and traffic was down to one lane.  That lane happened be the shoulder of the road.  Nobody in line knew what the problem was and which lane was closed.  As it turned out, two lanes were closed and there was a lot of jockeying at the merge point.  Luckily the crazies weren't out today except for a couple guys on motorcycles driving off the road to pass and then cutting over to the frontage road.  Gerry said how dumb they were and I thought if I could do the same, I would do it also.

That was the exciting part of the day and everything else was boring driving through West Texas.  Everything was brown and flat with some oil wells thrown in to break the monotony.

The KOA in Van Horn is our home for tonight.  We usually don't stop at a KOA, but this one is convenient.  Long pull throughs and easy in and out of the park.  In addition, they have a small restaurant that serves very good meals and Gerry is always grateful to not have to cook.  Plus, there aren't any dishes that have to be washed after dinner.   

We are still undecided on when we will arrive at CCRV.  The motor home is going in for some work on Monday and we may just come in late Sunday and then leave for La Mesa RV early Monday morning.  Hopefully, it will be a quick repair and we can settle down and get ready for a great winter with friends in sunny Tucson.

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  1. We will do just about anything to avoid that drive through Texas. That has to be the worst anywhere for nothingness. Our rain has stopped and I don't think we're going to have much wind so the trip to Tucson shouldn't be too bad. Safe travels.