Monday, December 8, 2014

Mystery Structure

We've been settling in to the park for the winter and running errands, catching up on our mail and some chores around the motorhome and car.  The car was filthy from road grime and it was given a bath on Sunday.  It looks a lot better now and you can actually see what color it is.  We vacuumed it and removed about 5 lbs of sand we picked up in South Carolina.

About 10 years ago Gerry bought me a 19.2 Volt flashlight and drill combo from Sears and it has served us well.  That is, until we got ready to leave the cabin this fall and the batteries were dead.  I tried to charge them, but it didn't seem to do any good.  It looked like the charger was toast so I picked up a new and better charger today at Sears.  It charged up the batteries in an hour and it looks like we are good to go again.  Of course now the batteries will start to wear out and that means about $60 for two new batteries.  Maybe I should have brought my old drill that is about 50 years old and still working fine along with us.  It even has a metal casing holding all the parts together.

We did stop at the two "Ps" restaurants today for lunch and dinner.  The Ps are Panera Bread and Panda Express.  We like both of them and stop by every week or so at one or the other.  I guess Montgomerys in Vail will be next on the list.

Tuesday morning the motor home goes in for a repair of the aqua-hot heating system and I hope we can get out cheap, but more than likely it will take a chunk of $$ to repair it.  The electrical heater part isn't working, but the diesel heater part does.  Keep your fingers crossed that it won't break the bank.

I have a mystery structure for anyone to identify and tell me what it is.  Dee, you are disqualified since I know you can tell me what it is.  Any guesses out there folks?  It has a blue glow at night and looks like a space ship.

As you can tell, it's been a slow couple days around here without much excitement. 


  1. I won't tell but, you're right, it is beautiful at night.

  2. It must not be in AZ!!. I googled a half hour last nite trying every word and words I could think of and nothing. How long do we have to wait for WHAT IT IS??? Been enough hours!!

    1. Gloria. It is in AZ and about 4 miles from our campsite near Vail, AZ.. It's a piece of art that cost around $200K and is along side if Houghton RD. It hasn't been well received by the local taxpayers and has drawn a lot of criticism..The call it muffler art and a danger to kids climbing on it. The sidewalk goes through the middle of the "art". BTW: I love it. Something different and does draw attention.

  3. Thanks. Would be neat to see it with the blue glow.