Thursday, December 18, 2014

Aqua Hot Repair - 2nd visit

Once again we were up early and on the road to La Mesa RV to have the Aqua Hot heater worked on.  They ordered a new heating element and thought it would fix the problem.  We were at the check in for the repairs before 9AM and they took the motor home in quickly.  

Great, maybe we would have time to drop off Christmas cards at the post office and a quick trip to Costco before they called us.  All went well at the post office with Gerry completing the mailing, buying stamps and getting out of there in 5 minutes.  I don't know if we were lucky or the staff at the Cherrybell Rd post office is that good or it isn't used that much.  It is the main post office for Tucson so you would think they would be very busy.  In any case it was a welcome stop at this busy time of year for post offices.

Then it was over to Costco to take on gasoline at $2.19/gallon and then wait for the store to open at 10AM.  We made a phone call to Cassie & Bella and that took up a lot of the wait time.  It was a breeze in Costco since the hoards of shopper hadn't arrived yet.  Wow, this is looking good for us.

Back to La Mesa RV in time to get a free hamburger and drink for lunch.  No wait there since they weren't busy at all.  We took our time eating and then went over to the service lounge area to wait for the work to be completed on the motor home.  We waited and waited and I checked on the progress a couple times and there wasn't any progress.  Finally at 4:30PM the service writer came out and said there was a problem.  It seems the main control board is bad also and they have to order a new one.  Ooooopppss!!!  That wasn't good news to say the least.  Now they have to receive the new control board and we scheduled an appointment on January 5, 2015 to have the new board installed.  Yes, 2015!!!!  

The only thing good to come out of today with the motor home was finding out the Extended Warranty company is footing the bill for whole repair except for our deductible.  That is a big relief since this repair will most likely be around $2k by the time they finish the job.  We still have the diesel heater for hot water and the furnace, so we can function fine until the repair is completed.

We had a chance to talk to some of the people waiting for their repair work to be finished and had some interesting conversations.  I should say I talked to them while Gerry read an interesting book on her Kindle.  One gentleman has just purchased a motor home and was on his first trip to the Southwest and he also had a problem with his Aqua Hot heater.  Humm, am I seeing a pattern here with the system.

Another young couple had an older motor home and the high pressure hose on his power steering burst and he barely made it into the dealership.  They spent the night inside the fence at La Mesa RV and were taken in early this morning.  I don't know what all the problems were with his motor home, but it was an expensive repair from what I heard him say.  Enough that it must have ruined his day.  They left around 4PM and were heading for a boondocking spot west of town.  

Finally, we were on our way back to the park and were hooking up when Ron K came by and invited us to dinner.  We finished the hook up and joined him at a local Mexican food restaurant.  He goes there often enough that they know what he is going to order.  The food was great and we enjoyed chatting with Ron and when another Cactus Country rver came by and chatted with us it seemed like a nice homecoming.   Then it was back to the motor home to visit with Ron for a while and finally some relaxing tv watching and enjoying a glass of wine.

I received a nice Christmas present from Larry Jr via email today.  He has a good memory and proved it today with the email.  Thanks Jr., it brightened my day.

See, we do live an exciting life sometimes.  How was your day?   


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    1. They were Foreign Mail stamps and Costco doesn't sell them. LOL

  2. Jim had that same kind of luck when he had to return a DVR player that we ordered from Amazon. Walked in and out in under five minutes. Isn't that just wonderful. But I'm sorry to hear that the rig won't be fixed until next year.