Sunday, December 14, 2014

Aqua Hot Repairs

We took the motor home in to have La Mesa RV check out our Aqua Hot water heater system on December 9th.  It's more than a water heater system and is quite complicated to work on it, plus it's in an almost impossible spot to reach.  The technician pulled the unit and discovered the electric heating element was faulty.  I had an idea that since it would not heat on electric but ran fine on the diesel burner, it had to be the heating element or the board.   La Mesa said they would have to order the part and they would call us when it comes in.  At least we've had hot water the past month or so running the diesel side of the unit.

The problem first appeared when we were in North Carolina, but the local dealer said it would be January before he could work on it.  That is a familiar reply from them when I've tried to have them work on our motor home.  Always 6-8 weeks in the future, so that ruled them out.  Rather than run all over looking for someone to work on the water heater, I called La Mesa and made an appointment.

We got a call from La Mesa RV on Friday and now have an appointment for December 18th to have them complete the repair.  It will be nice to have the electric unit working once again since I really don't like to run the diesel burner all the time.

It started raining Friday night and rained all day on Saturday and we decided to stay around the campground all day.  I had ordered an air compressor on Amazon a few days ago and it came in Saturday.  The compressor is bigger than it looked on the order page and will do all that I need it to do, plus some.  It is an 150 PSI unit and is strong enough to air up the tires on the motor home.

Now I have to find space to store it, which may be difficult.  I guess I will have to work on the 3 cases of beer in the basement area and free up that space.  Why 3 cases?  Well, I like Yuengling Beer and they don't sell it west of the Mississippi river so I bring along enough to get me through 3-4 months.
Gerry decided since we were grounded by the rain, she would work on making Christmas cards for the family.  We still have to send out the cards this year and are running behind schedule due to arriving here later this season.
After church today we went on a search for some Crosse & Blackwell Mincemeat so Gerry can bake me a mincemeat pie for Christmas.  Safeway usually carries it, but they don't have any in stock.  Fry's and Walmart also don't have any in stock so this could get very serious.  None Such Mincemeat is available, but I don't care for the taste of it and prefer Crosse & Blackwell.  Picky, picky!

Those were our exciting last few days here in Tucson.  Throw in some shopping and a few restaurants for dinners and that's it for us.  Some blog posts are interesting and others aren't.  It depends on your taste in reading which category this one falls into.    

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  1. Larry, I have a quart jar of Real Mincemeat made with deer meat. when we see you this summer I will give it to you.