Saturday, December 6, 2014

Rainy Day In Arizona

We had a 220 mile drive ahead of us this morning and took our time getting out of Deming.  Once on the road we made great time with very little traffic and no wind to speak of.  The sky was overcast all the way to Tucson and once we were in Arizona it began to rain.  We have been looking forward to the sunny weather out here and it rained the first day.  I hope we didn't bring it with us, but I imagine they would love to see more rain out here to help break the drought. 

The most exciting things we saw today were the numerous trains running on tracks alongside of I-10 through New Mexico & Arizona.  One train was about a mile long and had diesel engines in the front and rear pushing/pulling the cars.  The trains seemed be exclusively composed of car carriers, shipping containers, coal cars and a mixture of the above.  Shipping containers seem to be the most common cars on the trains out west.  Old boxcars seem to be out of vogue now with very few of them being moved.  I would imagine hauling these containers had been a financial windfall for the American rail companies.

We made good time and arrived at the park around 3:00PM and signed in for the next 4 months.  Our old site was waiting for us and we settled in quickly and sat outside enjoying an adult beverage.  A quick trip to Fry's for groceries and some pastries was in order.  Then it was back to the motor home to relax and hit the hay early this evening.

An old Geography teacher noticed I had Deming, NM located in Arizona in yesterday's posting and I corrected the error.  Then we found out she was feeling under the weather, so we took her and her hubby some pastries to help her recover.

We left our cabin on October 23 and put 3,100 miles on the motor home getting to Tucson.  We didn't take a direct route, but with a side trip to Concord, NC, Savannah, GA & Charleston, SC and then back to Concord, NC.  We traveled through 12 states to get here and enjoyed the ride for the most part.  Some days were a little long and some cities (Atlanta, Dallas area & El Paso) aren't the nicest places to drive through, but we made it without any incidents.  

That was our day, how was yours?


  1. Glad you made it to huncker down and enjoy the warm weather.. Merry Christmas to you and Gerry.

  2. The old part was right. Enjoyed the pastries, thanks.

  3. Looking forward to relaxing after the drive.

  4. I do not know what it is but it really looks stupid and is really ugly. am sure it costs the tax payers lots of money.