Friday, December 5, 2014

Welcome To Mexico

We had breakfast delivered to the motor home this morning and enjoyed the service.  The breakfast was tasty, but they used too much butter and old cooking oil for our liking.  After breakfast we took our time getting ready to leave since we were only going to travel 220 miles today.

As we drove along I-10 we received a txt message that said "Welcome To Mexico".  What?  Who was welcoming us to Mexico?  We were close to El Paso and figured out that we had picked up a Mexican cell tower, but weren't sure who the welcome committee was.  After several phone calls to Verizon ( a communication company ) with dropped calls, one way conversations, etc we almost gave up.  Then we pulled out our trusty AT&T phone and called Verizon to get an explanation about the message.  Yep, it was Verizon welcoming us to Mexico service. 

I always chuckle when I hear Verizon is a "communication company" selling phone and data services.  Just try and get an answer from them after you push all the buttons, get cut off a number of times, hear how important we are to them, etc.  If we were that important, they would hire more staff and not have us take an hour or more to get a simple question answered.

Many rvers take Loop 375 around El Paso and have to travel on some steep hills and two lane roads to make the connection west of El Paso.  We always drive straight through on I-10 and stay in the  center lane and never switch lanes.  It was slow going today but we made it through in fine fashion with only a few slowdowns.

Once we got into New Mexico we stopped at the National Truck Stop (NTS) for some fuel after driving over 700 miles on our tank full that we took on in Terrell, TX.  No $2.99 diesel today, but we did get it for $3.43 and filled the tank.  We are good to go for another 1,000 miles on this tankful so it will be next year before we buy diesel again.  The Texaco station across the road had diesel cheaper but it was bio-diesel and I've heard some bad reports what it does to fuel filters and we drove out of the station and stopped at NTS.

From there it was an easy drive to Deming, NM and our stop for tonight at the Dream Catcher RV park.  Friends Sharon & Don are Escapees and said this was a nice campground so we thought we'd give it a try.  It is a little close to the interstate but with the windows closed it won't be a problem with the road noise.  We did have to unhook our car to fit into the campsite and decided to try a Mexican restaurant down town.  It received great reviews. 

Well, the restaurant was ok, but the salsa and chips were beyond hot and I couldn't eat them.  The meals were ok, but not super great.  Service was great and the meals arrived hot and were quite large.  We most likely will not eat there again, but they will survive without us.

That was our day, how was yours?

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  1. WOW, They moved Deming all the way into AZ? That must have been quite a deed. Did they bypass Lordsburg or did they push it too? Safe travels through the wind tunnel.