Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Diesel Fuel $2.999 - Terrell, TX

We woke up around 6:30AM and started to get ready to hit the road.  When we opened the blinds and saw that there was a heavy morning fog, we slowed down a little.  I don't really like to drive in the fog with the crazies out there on the interstates.  Finally, it cleared up a little and we ventured out into the morning rush hour.

I spent part of the time checking with to see what fuel prices were along the route.  When I saw it listed for $3.049 in Terrell, TX it made my day. 

For the most part I-20 is a fairly good road, but the bypass around Shreveport, LA is a terrible road.  It was thump thump thump for 17 miles and it was shaking the motor home so bad I had to slow down to 50mph or less.  Gerry wrote in the log book in big letters to never take that route again.  

It was an easy drive for the most part and we arrived at the QT station in Terrell, TX and saw that the diesel price had changed.  Yep, just that fast.  Now it was $2.999 and that really made our day.  Of course the trucks were lined up on the highway trying to get into the truck part and we were in the middle of it.  Once we got closer to the pumps, I saw the pump for auto diesel.  Nobody was there and we finally pulled up to the pump.  It was another $100 charge three times to fill the tank.  The auto pumps are slow and it took a while to fill up, but it was worth it.  Last year we were paying $4.00/gallon for fuel so we saved $100 on this fill up.  I could get used to that.

Then it was on to fight the traffic around Dallas/Arlington/Ft Worth during the rush hour.  It moved fairly well and I took my time and stayed in my lane while the others were bouncing around between lanes and exiting at the last minute.  I wonder how much time they save driving like that.  Of course, my former boss Bill Follen and I used to drive that way heading out of DC on  Connecticut Ave at the end of the work day.  It made sense then.  LOL

We finally pulled into a campground 50-60 miles west of Ft. Worth around dark and set up for the night.  It was a 365 mile drive today and I could have driven further but the closer we get to Big Springs & Midland areas the more difficult it is to find a campsite.  Now we have a 440 mile day ahead of us tomorrow.  If the wind is calm it should be an easy, but long drive.  Keep in mind that I only drive 62-65mph and it isn't like driving a car. 

Nothing much really to write about, but the cheap fuel triggered me into writing the blog.  

That was our day, how was yours?

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  1. Good deal. You saved enough to buy my Christmas present. Raining, really raining today. Glad we don't have anywhere to go. Safe travels. See you this weekend?