Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas

Gerry and I usually go to the children's mass at church on Christmas day but decided to get a jump on the celebration by attending mass on Christmas Eve.  We left for church early and were quite surprised to see the parking lot & street parking all full of cars.  We thought the 5:00PM mass wouldn't be that crowded but we were totally wrong.

Usually the 5:00PM mass is over in about 50 minutes but we got our money worth on Christmas Eve.  It took well over 1hr & 20 minutes for the mass.  The church was decorated very nicely with a ton of red poinsettias and had a nice nativity scene at the entrance.

Today we went to the recreation center here in the park and joined about 100 other people at the Christmas dinner.  Gerry prepared a green bean casserole and we took a nice bottle of wine with us.  Ron K had saved us a seat and it was a good thing he did since all the tables were full of hungry people.  The park provided the ham and scalloped potatoes and the remainder of the food was provided by the attendees.  The selections were great and there was a surplus of food and even a couple small portions of dessert remaining.  Nobody went away hungry and it was a really festive occasion.

We hung around and chatted with some friends and then returned to the motor home and started receiving calls from our children.   Gerry's sister and bil called before we left for the dinner and we had a nice talk with them.   Larry Jr, Jane & Grant called and we caught up on their day and while we were talking to them, Barb & Henry called on the other phone.  I chatted with Barb & Henry and Gerry continued talking to Jr & family.  Gerry finished up with them and joined us and chatted for another hour or so.  Cassie, Jack, Elizabeth & Bella called shortly thereafter and we chatted with them for quite a while.  Cassie is having problems with her eye and voice so Jack had to interpret a couple times.  They had Jack's parents over for dinner and Cassie & the girls prepared a nice traditional meal. 

It was great talking to everyone and we wished we could have been there, but that was impossible this year.  Maybe next year.

We spent the rest of the night just lounging around the motor home in front of the fireplace and taking it easy.  It was a quiet Christmas evening for us and we enjoyed the day.

That was our day, how was yours?  

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