Friday, October 17, 2014

Possible Interruption In The Blog Postings

For the past two years we have subscribed to an internet provider called Millenicom.  They buy service from Verizon in bulk and then sell it in smaller chunks to their own subscribers.  It has worked very well for us and we've been pleased with the service.  That all came to an end today when it was announced Verizon took over Millenicom customers and will be contacting us.

Well, I haven't heard anything from Verizon and don't know how long I will have service, but in any case we will go with someone to provide us internet while we are on the road.  Most likely the provider will be Verizon, but that isn't certain at this time. 

It is also about time we looked into a smartphone and a data plan with it.  Our main phone is an ATT cell phone and we use that for most of our service.  We also have a Verizon phone with limited minutes and maybe it is time to move forward.  We don't like to text, no instagram stuff, etc so some of the benefits of a smartphone don't really interest us.  Basically we use the phone as a phone, not as a camera, GPS, weather station and such.  

So, if I don't update the blog for a while most likely it will be because we are switching providers, upgrading phones, tweeting and all those good things.  It will be hard to switch over from the phone below to the new fangle ones.  What do you think?

 Give us a call sometime.  It's three longs, two shorts and one long.  For those under 60 and need an explanation, let me know.


  1. Our number was 38J3 back on the farm. Three shorts was the cue to answer the phone.

  2. I really like my Smart Phone Samsung Galaxy 5 Android and I went back to Sprint. Doug still has his basic phone with some data on Verizon.

    I can get my email, speak texting, do FB, unlimited data, texting and calls. Me alone is about $80. 2 unlimited probably about 120??? I don't know.

    I got my phone on special at Radio Shack for $50 with the two yr contract. Of course, that was last Feb....when talking about Radio Shack's status today.

    You may not like the larger screen, a guy and pocket thing but I am sure Gerry would like the larger screen.....well, maybe and maybe not.

    I am not an apple person but if you are, then the Iphone and everyone who has one likes them.

  3. Had to love those party lines. I really didn't think I would use all that stuff on my smartphone either. But let me tell you, after a couple of weeks, I can't imagine not having it for everything.

  4. We are actually in Roanoke. I'm behind on blog posts. However we are going to be heading out on Monday and will be in Concord Monday night and then on to Atlanta on Tuesday. I am so ready to get back to the desert. I had forgotten how much I hate being wet and damp all the time with the humidity. And Jim has to get back for a PET scan. We've put it off longer than we should have.

  5. one long, two shorts and a long. or if it rang you just picked up the receiver and listened. Ron didn't want a smart phone when I got mine and that lasted about a week and he had to have one too. I use mine for so much more than phone and FB. Answers those questions so you don't sit up in bed in the middle of the night when your brain has finally thought of the answer. You know we have Verizon and the phone is Samsung Galaxy III. Thinking of upgrading to the new one but can't justify it since the old one is working just fine with only minor glitches once in awhile. Good Luck in your endeavor.