Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Farewell Dinner With The Gang From Maryland

We are planning on leaving on Thursday and decided it was time for another Ott House fix before we leave.  Cassie, Jack, Elizabeth & Bella joined us there for a very enjoyable evening.

I ran into an old flame of mine who was sitting at the bar and decided to drop by and talk to her.  I must have waited too long since she had changed a lot since I last left her sitting at the bar.  I can't imagine what happened to her since I've aged so well.  I think I will keep Gerry.  What do you think?

I did manage to find two pretty girls that were willing to sit next to me.  That is, until I started teasing them and it was difficult keeping them there.  Once the food was gone, they were ready to hit the road.  It was fun while it lasted.  I sure do have a weakness for redheads.

As you may notice in the picture above there is a display case full of pins.  The Ott House caters to the National Fire Academy attendees and is full of fire fighter memorabilia including patches, pins, helmets and other associated stuff.

 The case contains almost 180 beautiful pins from fire houses all over the U.S.  Behind the bar is a beautiful plaque donated by a Bag Pipe group in New Jersey.  The colors were vivid and even if you weren't into fire fighting stuff you would be impressed by this decoration.

Wednesday is trivia night at the Ott House and you must have a reservation if you expect to get seated.  Pitchers of Yuengling draft at $5.75 also must bring in a few patrons, including me. The large group sitting at a table next to us all had matching shirts on when the trivia session started.  Since the girls had school in the morning, we decided to not play trivia this time.  We bid them a fond farewell and headed back toward the cabin.

It was a long day with an early start and lots of work packing the motor home for our trip that will last until next summer.  We spent 2 1/2 months taking things out of the motor home to use in the cabin and now have to return it all in a couple days.  It has been very tiring running back and forth and carrying all the stuff back and then finding space to store it.  But it is worth it.  We get to spend the time visiting with Cassie and family and then when it gets cold, we head south.

That was our busy and tiring day, how was yours? 

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