Thursday, October 30, 2014

HIlton Head Visit

Larry Jr. loves Jeeps and BMWs and recently purchased a used 328I BMW to replace the old 1992 BMW he was driving.  The 1992 was giving him problems and he decided rather than putting a lot of money in the car now to keep it running, he decided to garage it and work on it later when he has the time and money.  His new (Used) car is a beautiful Burgundy color and has low mileage and is very clean.   I am jealous!

Friends Judy & Herb arrived here in Hardeeville, SC for a weeks visit with us in the motorhome.  We will be touring the Savannah & Hilton Head area while they are here and possibly travel down to Jekyl Island for a few days.

Herb broke a tooth on the way here and we made an emergency appointment for him with a dental group in Savannah for 9:00AM this morning.  On the way to the dentist traffic was terrible and at a standstill for long periods of time.  We finally got on US 17 on the way to Savannah and came upon a horrific wreck.  A large 18 wheeler had crashed into a Ford Explorer and then ran off the road down an embankment.  We all thought the driver couldn't possibly live through the crash, however we found out later in the evening that he only had a few scratches and nothing major.  He did manage to drop his load of wood chips in the middle of the highway and delayed us for 20 minutes or more. 

Herb went to his dental appointment and Gerry, Judy and I went to Panera Bread for breakfast.  Their breakfast menu isn't that great but we managed to finish off the sandwiches and coffee.

Herb finished up and we picked him up at the dentist and then headed back to the motor home for him to pick up his medical card and then drove to Hilton Head, SC to check it out and pick up a prescription at a drugstore.  There was an hour wait for it and we stopped at a Mexican restaurant for lunch and enjoyed the meal.  After picking up the prescription we drove all over Hilton Head checking out the sights.

Hilton Head has numerous parks and one that we stopped at was the Veterans Memorial park.  It was a beautiful area on a cove in the bay with walking paths, green open spaces and a nice memorial honoring the veterans.

I managed to convince Gerry, Judy and Herb to pose for some pictures. 

Judy & Gerry

Herb & Judy
I managed to download some geocaches and we stopped and picked up one close to the park.  It was hidden high in the tree and I was the only one tall enough to see the container. 

Gerry and Judy wanted to take a walk on the beach and I managed to snag a great parking space close to the beach and most importantly, close to a Tiki Bar.  Herb and I treated ourselves to a beer and a margarita while we waited for the ladies to finish their walk.

They came across a Horseshoe Crab on the beach and it was the first one Judy had ever seen.  They are common on the Maryland and Delaware beaches and we have seen many of them in the past.  They were so plentiful many years ago that the people collected them and ground them up for fertilizer.   They are a mean looking crab about the size of a soccer ball, but really are quite tame. 

We drove all over the Island and were impressed by the area and how well hidden all the shopping centers and businesses were.  As a matter of fact, the drugstore was so well hidden that we had to search all over for it.

There were two nice campgrounds on or near the island and we checked them both out.  They were both upscale RV resorts and would be nice to stay in either for a week or so.   I've never seen so many Wanderlodge motor coaches all in one place in my life.  Many were quite old and didn't have any slide outs, but looked great otherwise. 

By this time we were all tired out and headed back to the motor home and had a light dinner and some relaxation.  Now the girls are trying to get us to play some card games and Herb is resisting bearing the brunt of their anger.  Better him than me.  LOL

That was our day, how was yours?

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  1. We came upon an accident involving a semi. Looked pretty bad but we didn't get to know if the driver survived. The truck was burnt to a crisp and the trailer was wrapped around a bridge abutment. We're in Moriarity, NM for the night. Enjoy yourselves.