Monday, October 27, 2014

Overnight Delivery - Not!

When we ordered our new phone on Sunday we were promised overnight next day delivery.  We were assured it would be here on Monday, but that isn't the case.  It wasn't delivered to FedEx until 8:00 AM on Monday morning in Coatesville, PA.  We are in Concord, NC.  No delivery today.

Now it looks like it will be delivered on Tuesday before 8:00 PM.  Evidently they don't consider Sunday a day and must refer to "business days" , but that isn't what they said.  So we will visit with family another day and then move down the road on Wednesday and make the 5 hour trip to Savannah, GA.  The saying in RVing is that plans are made in jello and subject to change.

We visited with our newest great granddaughter today at the daycare center and it was difficult getting Gerry to put her down and leave.  We will see her again on Tuesday, but Gerry wanted to see her both days.  It must be a maternal thing with women.

London & Great grandparents Gerry & Larry

Great grandpa and London

Dinner with Larry Jr., Jane, Grant, Barbara & Henry was on tap for the evening.  We had a long wait at the restaurant and finally were seated after 45 minutes.  At least we were able to chat with each other and catch up on the day's events.  Jane had to drive through an area on I-40 where a deputy had shot and killer a mental patient in the median strip.  Never a dull moment down here.

That was our day, how was yours?  


  1. More time with that great grandbaby makes it worth while to have to wait for that phone. Next day definitely does not necessarily mean next day. Safe travels. We're in Tucumcari tonight and on to Albuquerque tomorrow.

  2. Best laid plans.....

    Beautiful great grandaughter!!