Saturday, October 25, 2014

Family Gathering

Gerry and I spent the afternoon and evening visiting with our daughter Barbara and her family.  Since they knew we were coming, they invited our grandchildren over for a cookout and some s'mores in the evening.  Jared and Hannah arrived too late to have their picture taken but they were there for dinner.  They bought a new Jeep and also picked out a dog for Hannah, so they had a good excuse.

We arrived in time to play a game of corn hole with Barb & me standing Henry & Gerry.  Since I didn't know the rules and we were playing to 11, I thought we'd won when I scored a direct hit and scored 3 points giving us 13.  Henry scored one point and their score was 11.  Since he scored 11 exactly, they won the game.  I think I was scammed.

 Henry is taking his best shot and winning the game.  I guess I need to understand the rules before we play again.

 Grandson Sean and Taylor showed up right after the corn hole game and joined us around the outside bar. 

 Taylor immediately woke up great grandson Griffin as soon as they got there and he took to Aunt Taylor real well. 

 Grand daughter Stephanie showed up next and looked beautiful as usual.  Her husband Shawn had made plans to spend the weekend with his mother in the mountains so couldn't join us.

 Uncle Sean and Aunt Taylor were teaching Griffin how to catch a ball.  He actually did very well for a child less than 2 yrs old.  Maybe he will be a wide receiver or something when he grows up.

 Barbara and grandson Ryan (father of Griffin) posed for a nice shot even though the sunlight and smoke were behind them.

 We had a great dinner of hotdogs, hamburgers, potato salad, grilled vegetables and other fixings.  It was cooling off outside by this time and some of us ate inside and those who had jackets or sweater decided to brave the cold and take their meals outside.

Later on we had some pumpkin marshmallows, crackers and chocolate (s'mores) to top off the day.  They were prepared in their fire pit on the patio and that helped keep us warm also.  We all were stuffed by then and tired out from the days activities. 

We had a great day and enjoyed seeing all the gkids, ggkid and families.  Great, but a tiring day and we left fairly early in order to catch up on some rest.

Our friend Dee questioned why we aren't bringing our bikes this year.  The bike rack doesn't fit on the Honda and due to time running out we decided to leave them at the cabin.  We hope to be able to buy a couple old bikes at a yard sale or the flea market and leave them once we leave the park next year.  That's the plan, now to make it work.

That was our exciting and fun day, how was yours?


  1. So glad (almost) everyone made it! Festive, beautiful, fun-filled day! Relaxing as I took shortcuts with snacks & dinner-- learning in my old age that the visiting is more important than the cooking! Not to say we haven't had fun over the years in the kitchen, right Mom?!
    So glad you made it!