Sunday, October 5, 2014

Family Day on South Mountain

It was family picture time on the mountain today.  It's been a while since our three children and the grandkids were all together at one time with us.  They manage to visit each other while we aren't in the area and it was very enjoyable seeing the gang all here.  Barbara's children didn't make it up here but they were in our thoughts.  Especially Stephanie & her hubby Shawn had to endure a vacation at Sandals Resort in Jamacia as part of their anniversary present to each other. (10/10/10 married).  Henry said something about having to work and that we don't have a lake nearby, so he couldn't make it.

Larry Jr and Jane had to leave early for the long drive back to Mint Hill, NC and get ready for the school and work week ahead of them.  They only were here a short time but it was an intense and pleasurable visit.  We will see them again at Thanksgiving, if not sooner.

Grant,Jane,Larry, Elizabeth,Cassie,Bella  in back Jack & Barbara

Larry, Grant & Jane

Jack, Elizabeth, Bella & Cassie

Barbara, Larry & Cassie

Barbara, Larry Sr, Gerry, Cassie & Larry Jr.

Grant & Me

Bella, Grant & Elizabeth

We were sad to see them leave but they did have a beautiful day ahead of them for the drive.  They came up in a rainstorm and left in bright sunshine.

Cassie & Co stayed for the afternoon and we had a nice visit with them and enjoyed ham, cole slaw, continental potatoes, and green beans  for dinner.  We topped it off with carrot cake and peach cobbler with ice cream for dessert.  I think the girls may have eaten some Halloween candy also, just a hunch.

Why is it something you look forward to takes forever to arrive and then it's over in an instant?  That is what happens when you have a great time.

That was our Sunday, how was yours?


  1. I loved this day And am so glad we
    Were all together'. It was such a wonderful, loving, carefree day!
    Glad to celebrate Steph & Shawn's 4 yr anniversary for them and wish th ma