Monday, October 20, 2014

Brake Buddy Installation & Millenicom-Verizon

Well, I am still able to get on the internet and still don't know for how long it will work.  I spent over an hour today talking ( mostly on hold ) to Verizon staff regarding the demise of Millenicom and what Verizon is going to do with their customers.  Nobody at Verizon could help me with this.  I was passed from one group to another and eventually was cutoff.   Finally I gave up and decided to wait and see what happens.  In any case, the issue will be resolved in a week or so since the double data special for ATT & Verizon ends on October 31.

Jack came up to the cabin and we (mostly Jack) installed the brake buddy on the Honda.  We had to run two wires through the firewall with one going to the breakaway switch and the other to the battery.  The battery wire supplies 12V power to the brake buddy and the break away one applies brakes to the car in the event the car becomes disconnected from the motor home hitch.  It rarely happens, but it would ruin your day when it does.

Yes, that is me laying on the ground working on the breakaway switch on the car.  We had just tested the brake light, turn signals and the tail lights on the car with it connected to the motor home.  Everything worked except the tail lights and that will require some more testing to see which wire isn't where it should be.  I can drive without the tail lights as long as it is daylight hours so it shouldn't delay us getting out of here on Thursday.

The Blue Ox you see above is the new tow bar which stays on the motor home.  The old tow bar had to be removed when I needed to back into a campsite and it seemed to have gotten heavier each year and more difficult to store in the car.  All that is past us now and should make it easier to get on the road in the morning when we are traveling.

The Saturn required us to remove a 30amp fuse when towing and then reinserting it to start the car.  It wasn't a big problem, but the new wiring system on the Honda makes all that a thing of the past.  We are looking forward to seeing how it all works out.

Luckily we had a couple days of dry weather and were able to finish the job before the rain started tonight.  So far it is just showers and if it doesn't rain any harder, we shouldn't have a problem with getting stuck in the mud.  The parking spot is gravel but I have to angle the motor home back and forth to make a hard right turn and avoid some trees.  Tricky, but doable.

That was our exciting last couple days, how were yours? 

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