Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Almost Ready To Hit The Road and a 4 Hour Lunch

We ordered a baseplate, switches, light kit and hitch for the new Honda CR-V from Amazon dot com and they all came in right on time.  Installing the hitch is about a 4 hour job for people with the right tools, lift and patience, none of which I have.  So, we scheduled an appointment to have Beckley RV in Thurmont install the difficult parts.  It wound up being a 6 hour job for them and a lot of $$$$ flying out of my plastic card.  At least it is done now and I don't have to actually do it myself.  Whew, dodged a bullet on that one.

Gerry & Cassie have been working on card making the past few days and finally finished up this session.  Now we can put all the craft stuff away and clean the motorhome in preparation to load it with food, clothes and all the necessities of full-time living in the unit.  We will start on this on Thursday and hopefully be ready to leave here by the middle of next week.  That is, assuming some great calamity doesn't come up and delay us.  Last year it was the tree grabbing the mirror on the motorhome and breaking it.  A couple years ago 14 inches of snow snuck up on us before we could hit the road.

It's been raining hard the last few days and I put a large tarp on the area I use to turn the motorhome around in preparation for our departure.  I hope it keeps the area dry enough that the motorhome doesn't get stuck.  That would be all we need to start the trip on a sour note.

We do have a few other chores to take care of before we leave but they should be manageable to finish in time.   Our mail will be sent out on Oct 20 and we will wait for it to come in before we leave.  

We have been exchanging emails with Barb & Henry's old neighbors from Chesterfield, VA the past few months as they begin their life as full time rvers.  They are camping in Gettysburg for a few days and we met them at the Ott House (yes, we do like the place) for lunch today.  Debbie and Dale are youngsters compared to us old fogies but we had a very nice 4 hour lunch with them today.  Yes, we talked non-stop for 4 hours about rv stuff and everything else under the sun.  It was great seeing them and we hope we can connect with them again down the road as they travel the USA.

Dale & Debbie at Ott House
 I hope we didn't talk their legs off and we can visit with them again.  Have fun out there you two and keep ahead of the snow.

The maple trees in the area are at their peak for color now and we found this one on our way back to the cabin.  The sun was going down and some of the color had faded, but it was still a beautiful tree.


If anybody has a favorite baseball team left in the playoffs, I am available for hire to put a jinx on the opposing team by rooting for them.  When the playoffs started there were 3 teams I was rooting for to be in the World Series final this year.  Pittsburgh Pirates, Washington Nationals and the Baltimore Orioles.  One by one they all lost their series and were eliminated.  Now it is down to Kansas City Royals representing the American league and the St Louis Cardinals playing the San Francisco Giants to see who represents the National League.  Not much interest here in the World Series now with the remaining teams.  Wait until next year!

Those were the highlights of our past week or so.  How have you all been doing out there in blogland?


  1. Safe travels and will see you in Tucson. been in the 90's.

  2. I will take the Cards or the Royals so all even in my mind.
    Safe travels for you two.
    Heading south Friday from MO. Gotta stop in Tunica for a few days. Can't let the casinos close down.

  3. Larry I know both you and Debbie very well...both of you can talk the legs off a cast iron pot but if I had to pick one it would be Debbie...I have seen her in action around Barbara who would finish a strong 3rd!!!