Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Rain, Rain & More Rain

Last summer when we returned to North Carolina from Tucson it rained about 20 out of 24 days and then continued on when we returned to the cabin.  I am sure the farmers liked it then, but I wonder how they like all this rain we've been having this year.

There was flooding of the interstates in Detroit, Baltimore was flooding, DC got their share and it has been raining for the last 24 hours at the cabin.  We watched "Noah" last night and I am beginning to get concerned.  At least we have trees here to build an ark, so we are reasonably safe for the time being.  

Ooops, the computer is in the motorhome and now the rain has picked up and we will have to make a mad dash for the cabin.  Bad timing on my part.

The roofer is coming tomorrow morning to measure the cabin for a metal roof.  At this time we are leaning toward a bronze roof, but will pick out the color for sure after he leaves and then verify bronze is our selection.  We have a poor pitch to part of the roof and it is difficult for asphalt shingles to be waterproof.  The roofer assures us the metal roof will take care of that.  Time will tell.

Back to "Noah" the movie.  It was long and some parts boring, but told an interesting story.  I would give the movie about a 6 on a scale of 1-10, which puts it above average.

We have the TV series "Band of Brothers" on disc and have been watching the series the past few nights.  It didn't interest us when it first came out, but now we are enjoying the series.  It is based on some true aspects of members of the U.S. Airborne unit and their battles in WWII.  It is graphic in some spots and shows a side of war not usually seen on TV, but is well done.

I'm still looking for Joanne, so if you see her let me know.  This is an old picture of her, but I think she still wears the same glasses.

Have a safe and dry day out there.


  1. Looks like you're in for more rain again today according to the news. People we know who have metal roofs - love them and wouldn't have anything else. We've had some thunderstorms and rain here but the problem is - the lightning started four fires near Helena yesterday. Small ones that were put out quickly but still.