Sunday, August 17, 2014

57 Is A Special Number

Gerry and I were married in 1957 and celebrated our 57th year of marriage today.  It is hard to believe that 57 years have passed so quickly, but when you have a great wife, it makes it easier.


We will celebrate with a nice anniversary dinner later this week once I pick out a special place.  The pickings for a great restaurant are slim up here on the mountain, but something will come to mind soon.   I hope!

Gerry's niece Erin is in town on business and we took the opportunity to meet her for lunch at BJ'S Brewhouse in Frederick, MD.  She was coming from the DC area and we were heading down from the cabin and arrived at the restaurant at the same time.  Our original plan was to meet at Olive Garden however when Erin spied the Brewhouse across the street there was a change in plans. 

As usual the Brewhouse waiter asked if this was our first time at the restaurant and we replied yes, but we've been to the one in Tucson.  His face lit up and he informed us he was a University of Arizona graduate and worked at the Brewhouse there.  Small world.  Later he came by and informed us that a patron at the bar had on an Arizona State University shirt.  He and I chatted about the upcoming basketball season at UA and he was quite excited about their chances for a National Title. 

We wound up spending 2 1/2 hrs at the restaurant and got caught up on all the family news.  The conversation flowed so freely that we neglected to get a picture of Erin.  She will be returning in September for another work visit and plans on staying with us for 3-4 days before reporting to work.  I am sure there will be pictures taken then.

Our return trip took us through Frederick and eagle eye Gerry spotted an old car.  I caught a quick glance and it looked like a 48 or 49 Packard.  After a few blocks they were stopped at a traffic light next to us and I asked what year it was.  1949 with 130,000 miles and running great.  They were on a trip with the car and heading for I-70 and making good time.  One thing that stood out about the care was the beautiful chrome and big whitewall tires.  We took a few pictures driving down the road and they aren't the greatest but give you an idea how nice the car looked.

1949 Packard

I prefer to take US 40 back to the cabin rather than I-70 since it is more relaxing on it, plus I like the up and down grades on US 40.  One added benefit is the ice cream trailer parked near Greenbriar State Park that has great soft ice cream.  We stop there every chance we get and haven't been disappointed yet.

Since we had such a late lunch, we skipped dinner and just had some chips and dip to go along with a glass of wine while sitting on the screened in porch.  The deer were active in the meadow and it was nice seeing the 5 of them meandering around and grazing.  Very relaxing.

We topped the day off by watching a movie that was meant for younger people.  It was entertaining but the use of the "F" word was excessive.  It was hard for them to speak a sentence without using it.  Maybe that is how the 25-35 year old people talk now, but we find it offensive.  We were always taught that if you used profanity it was a sign of ignorance.   

Barb & Henry called and we talked for quite a while.  They got another letter from their HOA about weeds in their yard.  The funny thing is that the weeds are in the neighbor's yard, but B&H get blamed for them.  Henry is still a great supporter of HOAs.  I wonder how many more letters he gets before he changes his mind?

Cassie and Jack called earlier in the day but we were going down the mountain and had poor cell service.  They were also on the move and we will have to talk to them on Monday.

Larry Jr. and Grant went to the Carolina Panthers - KC Chiefs pre-season football game and seemed to be having a great time.  They even have Carolina blue shirts on for the occasion.  Burgundy and Gold of the Washington Redskins look better. 

That was our day, how was yours?


  1. Jim would be right there with you in hitting up that ice cream truck. I need to make sure he gets one more cone from his favorite place here in Helena before we leave Thursday. Otherwise he'll have withdrawal. Go Burgundy and Gold!!! Sure hope our team has a good year. Love those Skins.

  2. Oh good grief. Happy Anniversary you guys. 57 years is a fantastic number. Since I tracked Jim down so late in life I know we won't see that many but I'll sure take whatever I can get.

  3. Happy 57 to you! Does that make you Heinz people, with their 57 varieties? Suzy and I celebrated our 54th this month, going out to dinner with another couple in our park who also are having their 54th this month.

  4. And Happy Anniversary to you, my best friend, the love of my life! So glad things worked out like they did!!

  5. Happy Anniversary to a great couple. S glad we met seven years ago.
    Linda and Sherwin

  6. Happy Anniversary. We'll have to find a new favorite place to celebrate. 40 for us in September.