Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Vist With Linda & Sherwin

Friends of ours who we met in Tucson a few years ago stopped by to visit today on their way back from Virginia.  They spent the night at a local Comfort Inn after arriving in a rainstorm Tuesday night.  We were caught in the same storm as we left Applebee's Restaurant about the same time as they arrived.

We went over to the motel this morning and picked them up and chatted for a while in their room and then it was off to the Flamingo Restaurant in Fayetteville, PA for lunch.  It is a small local diner where you can get good food at reasonable prices.  We were seated quickly and ordered our meals and continued on with our chatting.  We all liked our choices and would go back again for lunch.

After that we took the back road (all roads are back roads here) to our cabin via the South Mountain Restoration Center.  They were surprised how large it was and that if you didn't look for it, you would miss it.

Finally we arrived at our little cabin in the woods and chatted up a storm with them and filling each other on what we've been up to the last few months.  It was non stop conversation for a number of hours and only interrupted by a great roast beef dinner that Gerry prepared.  We did sit on the screened in porch watching the deer going by in the meadow and listening to the songbirds in the area.

It was great seeing them and hopefully they will stop by on their way out west in September.  If not, we will see them in Tucson and continue on with our chats.  

Thanks for stopping by guys and taking time out of your journey to spend a day with us.  See Linda, I did remember you would be stopping in and visiting.  

That was our day, how was yours?

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