Thursday, August 21, 2014

Movie Time and Fires

Gerry is having a fun time with the shingles.  So far it looks like it will be a mild case, unless they continue to pop up over the next week or so.  She is uncomfortable and has to watch how she sits with her back on chairs.  My job is to spray the benadryl on the sores and keep out of her way. 

Now it looks like our next door neighbor might also have shingles.  Hummmmm!  He is sort of stubborn about going to doctors and we have strongly urged him to get it checked out and get on some medicine asap.  I am not optimistic he will listen to us.

We spent the afternoon burning a lot of old papers including all the GEHA insurance documents we've been filing away.  I can access the records online a number of years back and that is good enough.  Maybe we can go to a paperless society.

Our Canon Pixma MP830 printer/fax/scanner/copier can scan paper in batches and we are organizing our medical information in preparation to scanning it in also.  The Canon scanner can scan duplex or simplex so that will cut down on scan time also.  I ran a test run of 5-7 papers and it zoomed along very fast.  I'd love to take the Canon with us in the motorhome but it must weigh around 50lbs and is very bulky.  Guess our HP Photosmart C4200 will have to suffice when we are on the road.

We watched "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre" last night with
 Humphrey Bogart, Walter Huston and Tim Holt in the lead roles.  We both have seen it before but wanted to watch something sedate for a change.  The movie was filmed in 1948 in Mexico, Arizona & California with a lot of actual street scenes in Mexico.  It is always a pleasure to watch a classic film with seasoned actors in it.  There were a number of shootings but no heads being blown off in front of us or anything like that.  These movies depend on the actors playing the role, not sensationalism and off the wall scenes.

We did solve a mystery up here at the cabin the past few days.  We have outside flood lights on a motion sensor and they come on a lot after dark.  We've checked outside to see what is causing this a number of times and finally found out we have three cats that like to hang around our cabin.  They run when open the door and aren't that friendly, but at least they keep the mouse population down.  Good job gals & guys cats.

Linda Mc is trying to make us jealous by traveling down to the Maine coast and eating "lobsta".  We both like it but I can't eat shell fish so that doesn't bother me but Gerry's mouth is watering for some good "lobsta" and shrimp.  Now if she had mentioned Grouper, then I would be jealous also.

Thanks to all those who have sent emails to Gerry encouraging her with her shingles problems.  I know she appreciates the concern and wishes for a speedy recovery.

If you are still reading by now I imagine the exciting writing has you on the edge of your seat or possibly sleeping.  Wake up.  It's time to go for this edition.

That was our day, how was yours?


  1. I have all my fingers and toes crossed that Gerry's case stays mild. I don't understand those folks who are so stubborn about going to the doctor and getting some relief. I'm all for anything that helps ease the symptoms. I love those old movies.

  2. Oh Mom--
    Don't get any worse, I'm not sure Dad will make as good a nurse to you as you've been to all of us over the years!! Sorry, Dad-- Love you tons! Mom, prayers for a speedy recovery!