Saturday, August 2, 2014

If The Shoe Fits

I think I may be growing older faster than I should.  Still have the wanderlust and love to see new places and enjoy the full-timing RV life, but signs are creeping in (running faster) that I am getting old.  I still see the 18 yr old in my mind, but the mirror tells me otherwise.

My son has almost the same shoe size as I.  have a nice pair of shoes that I never wear since they are a little snug.  I decided he could get better use out of them than me and asked if he wanted them.  Sure, why not was the answer.  So, I went back to the motorhome and started looking for the shoes.  The places to store shoes are limited in the motorhome (Gerry's craft supplies see to that) but I couldn't find the shoes.  Gerry helped me look and took everything out of the closet on her side of the bed.  (Twice!)  No shoes.

Then it was outside and tear up the bins looking for the shoes.  I knew I had them since I wore them for Easter services.  Ok, take a break and look later.  Same drill as above but no luck.  Later I looked again and Gerry helped me and asked if I was sure I brought the shoes with me.  Of course, I wore them on Easter Sunday.

By this time both of us were frustrated and decided to look for them again once we got settled into the cabin.  Well, then things took a turn for the worse for me.  As I said I am getting older and don't think as fast as I used to.  On one of my trips into the cabin I found the shoes on my shoe rack.  Oooooopppsssss!  If it would have been one of my younger days the shoes would have been transported to the motorhome and placed in an out of the way spot.

Nope, I told Gerry the shoes were in the cabin.  That is when the rolling pin came out and it was time to get out of the way.  Now that my headache has gone away I am writing this before I forget about it and look for the shoes in the morning.

Growing old isn't for the faint of heart.

That was my day as I remember it.  How was yours?


  1. I remember I forget things lots of times. Don't forget we are coming to see you in Pa on Wednesday. by the way I love the picture of the old barn. See you soon.

  2. Having two homes doesn't help. When I am looking for something, there's a good chance it's at the other place.