Sunday, August 10, 2014

Quick visit and a cookout

We've been back at the cabin for little over a week now and finally have taken a day off.  As mentioned earlier, the cabin is in fairly good shape for being vacant for a long time, but there still are a lot of things to be cleaned, repaired, stored and whatever, in order to make it liveable again.

Larry Jr. and Jane came up late Saturday night for a short visit on their way to Bethesda, MD.   Jane will be attending a conference there. They had somewhat of a sendoff party Friday night and were late leaving their home for the 7 hour drive up here. Then, they ran into the Saturday traffic on I-81 which slowed them down a lot. Of course, the obligatory stop at a local Roy Rogers restaurant was involved in the delay also. They finally arrived at the cabin around 10PM and we visited until after midnight.

Since they were only going to be here a short time on Sunday, we invited Larry's good friends Kenny & Peggy, Tom & Darlene, Cassie Jack and girls to join us for a cookout. All told there were 12 people here for the cookout and we lucked out and had great weather. So nice, that everyone sat outside for their visit and food. We all sat around in a circle like a campfire, but didn't have a campfire.

Gerry had prepared her “famous potato salad”; “famous baked beans”; fresh corn on the cob and I grilled up hotdogs, cheeseburgers, hamburgers and one lonely black bean burger. We also had homemade black bean salsa, and Darlene brought a salsa dip and guacamole dip. I think the nice weather made everyone hungry since all the salsa, dips and food disappeared quickly. There were also adult beverages and soft drinks consumed in quantity.

Before and after the dinner groups were playing charades and having a lot of laughs. Everyone joined in playing charades but not everyone acted out a charade. I was in the latter group.

The party started to break up with everyone having to go their separate ways, Tom & Darlene back to Annapolis (2.5hr drive), Kenny & Peg, Cassie & Jack back to Smithsburg, and the guests of honor down to the conference site in Bethesda. Gerry and I finished cleaning up and proceeded to crash in the motor-home.

After some phone calls we decided to watch a movie called "Admission" with Tina Fay playing an admission officer at Princeton University. It was a good movie, but predictable in it's conclusion. It was light and did settle us down. We finally called it a night.  That was our day, how way yours?

Goodnight Joanne, wherever you are!

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  1. It looked like you all were having a great time and great food up to "The Cabin" it for sure is a great place to relax.