Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Group Dinner at the Ott House

Yes, that is correct.  We had a farewell dinner at the Ott House for Jane and Larry Jr.  Larry Jr wanted to meet at one of his old haunts in Frederick MD but it seemed they missed his $$ contributions and they closed their doors.  RIP Griff's Landing Restaurant in Frederick is closed.

So, he decided that the 70 mile drive to the Ott House in Emmitsburg, MD was worth the effort.  I readily agreed since it is one of my favorite watering holes.  The atmosphere is great and the food is OK.  Try the Wings for an appetizer.

Gerry and I arrived early only to find out it was trivia night and the large tables were all reserved.  We managed to beg enough that they put two tables together and made room for the 10 of us.  Cassie, Jack, Elizabeth, Bella and Lambeau plus Jane & Jr, Kenny, Gerry and I all squeezed around the table.  We also lucked out and it was $5.25 pitcher night for Yuengling beer.  What more could anyone ask for, wings and good, cold draft beer?  

Bella, Cassie, Elizabeth, Jack & Lambreau

Kenny, me & Gerry
No, that isn't an optical illusion with Kenny being taller than me.  In fact he is 6 inches taller and makes me look like a shrimp.

Jane, Larry Jr & Kenny.
 We all enjoyed the beverages and meal and then hung around to play trivia.  We were tied for 1st place and lost on the tie breaker question.  Who knew that there were 100 phones in New Haven, CT in 1878?  I knew that my grandfather's phone number in Gillespie, IL was # 16 in 1923, so I guess New Haven is larger than Gillespie.  We actually should have won but at my suggestion they changed an answer to a question and I guessed wrong.

Then I got beat over the head for not knowing the New Haven phone question since one in the group thought I was alive then.  Shameful to treat an old man that way.

We all broke up fairly early since Jack & Kenny had to leave for work early and Jr & Jane had a long drive back to their hotel.  We had a great time with all of them and enjoyed the evening very much.

Earlier in the day ( 7:45am ) the roofer stopped by to measure the cabin so he could order the material.  After he left we took a drive to the roofing supplier north of Shippensburg, PA via a round about drive.  Tom Tom decided we needed a scenic route to make it interesting and had us turning right and left all over the place out in the middle of corn fields and farms.  We finally found the place and selected bronze as the color for the metal roof.  

We stopped in Shippensburg to have lunch at a local diner and Gerry enjoyed her meal, but my meat loaf left something to be desired.  I will try something different the next time we go there.  There was a fire down the street and we had entertainment while we ate.  That helped with downing the meal.

Then it was on to some geocaching in the downtown Shippensburg area. It is an old town and the houses reflect that.  It would be possible to film an 1800s movie there with a few modifications.  Six found geocaches were added to our collection with one being a very interesting find.  The others weren't that difficult, so it was a good day.

That was our interesting day, how was yours?


  1. The last time we headed back to the DC area to visit friends and family Jim had two restaurants he wanted to eat at. Chesapeake Bay Seafood House and the Dixie Pig. Both were gone and he was devastated. So we had to find him some new favorites. He said this time as long as we can have lots and lots of seafood it'll be okay.

    1. I haven't heard about the Dixie Pig for years and was wondering if it was still in operation. Quite a JOINT! LOL There are some nice seafood restaurants on Kent Island (or there were the last time we looked). Everything is so pricey anymore, not like the old days. We used to go the Anchor Inn in Wheaton, but they closed down also a few years ago. O’Donnell’s Sea Grill in Gaithersburg closed after 90 years. TImes are a changing!

  2. Come to Maine we have the Best Seafood, and Lobesta around.