Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Van Horn, TX to Santo, TX

Neither of us got a good nights sleep last night due to a sudden change in the weather.  It was nice and a little cooler when we arrived in Van Horn, but all that changed around 12:00am.  The wind picked up and was rocking the motorhome and then it started lightening and the rains came.  Other than a few drizzles, it was the first rain we had since last November.  It kept us awake for a while and then would let up but then start up again.  

We got up early this morning and had our breakfast, but weren't moving as quickly as yesterday.  Our bodies were still thinking Tucson time and didn't like what we were putting them through.

Then it was back on I-10 for the short drive to where I-20  splits off from I-10.  Our goal for today was the Ft. Worth area and I-20 is the road to take.  We soon were in the Odessa & Midland, TX areas and saw numerous campgrounds full of trailers with work trucks parked nearby.  There were a lot of Help Wanted signs all along the highway and the area is booming due to the oil drilling in the area.  I think pickup truck salesmen must all be rich, what with all the trucks on the road.  Very few cars, but tons of trucks. 

We didn't check, but it looked like all these campgrounds were full to the gills and others have popped up along the way.  It reminded me of the Illinois State Fair when people near the fairgrounds would rent you a parking space in their yards.  Except in this case they were trailers, not cars.

Diesel fuel in Midland, TX was listed at $3.63/gallon and I checked Google Earth to see how easy it would be to get into the station.  Not a problem!  Well, Google Earth lied and it was a very tight fit for the motorhome and car in the station.  Part of the problem was that the diesel pumps were only located at the end of the station, not at each island.  I managed to squeeze in at an angle and take on fuel at a considerable savings over what stations along the interstate were charging.  Out there it was $3.89 to 3.98 a gallon.

Once we left Midland the winds picked up and blew hard from the the SE and was buffeting the motorhome.  Somewhere along the way the winds shifted and came out of the NE and were really rocking the unit.  I slowed down and then the rains came.  We had a couple downpours and I was the only vehicle that slowed down, while the others were running 80-90mph around us. Fun time.

A large tractor trailer truck passed us and it had a heavy load on the trailer.  There was a truck chained down securely and it looked like it was a treasure of a truck.  What do you think?

Soon after the truck passed us, it began to rain again with heavy winds hitting the side of the motorhome.  We called ahead to a Passport America campground to make a reservation and the woman said she thought there was a campsite that wasn't under water that we could fit into.   She wasn't kidding.  They had experienced a heavy downpour and parts of the campground were flooded.  The bridge over the creek had water almost up to the roadway, but it wasn't a problem, although the water was flowing quite rapidly.

 The buildings and cabin in the picture above were close to the creek and had water around them.  I don't think I would want to stay in them in case the area receives more rain tonight.

The evening news from Ft. Worth and Dallas was full of flood pictures with stranded cars, trucks and whatever.  One Ford Taurus went through the water and it was almost up to his windshield at one time.  I can't imagine how he/she made it through all the water.

We had planned on stopping in Arlington, TX and surprising our friends Judy & Herb with a short visit, but with the wind, rain and all that we came up about 80 miles short of our goal.  Next time!

All in all it wasn't that bad of a day except for the 438 miles we put on our bodies.  The motorhome rides very nicely and is comfortable, but it seems 400 miles is our limit now.  We prefer 250-300 miles a day, but want to get back to North Carolina by Sunday to see all those who work during the week.  Then we can take it easy.  That is the plan!!!

I will write more on Wednesday, "Lord Willing & The Creek Don't Rise".  The above is an old Illinois saying and I've wanted to use it for a long time.  Mission accomplished.

Gerry is having fits since we've driven by 15-20 Dairy Queens and haven't stopped at one of them.  Maybe tomorrow it will happen and she will be a happy camper.  She keeps reminding me of the billboard we saw a few years back indicating the "Texas Stop  Sign"-  and showing the DQ logo - and we're not stopping!

That was our day, how was yours?

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  1. You really are pushing yourselves. Even pushing ourselves 250 miles is our limit for a day. Time to take a break and taste the DQ. It appears from the news that the creek is rising in a whole lot of places. We've had lots of rain here in MT also but the only flooding seems to be up around Glacier. Be safe out there.