Thursday, June 12, 2014

Pool Tables & Barbara

Barbara is our oldest daughter and led the way for her two younger siblings.  I won't go into all that means, but she also loves sports and was a very good softball player.  She and Cassie were integral parts of their softball teams when they were in Jr. High and beyond.

Barb also liked to play football and liked to rough house with the neighborhood boys.  That was fine when she was younger, but there came a day when I noticed they wanted her to run with the ball all the time and that was the last football game for her.  Of course, she was mad at me and thought many evil thoughts that can't be repeated on the blog.

After high school she attended Montgomery Community College and carried a full load.  She started off fine and got the good grades we expected of her.  Then something happened.

Let me back off here a minute.  We had a real nice slate pool table in the basement and it was in use all the time by the kids and us.  We managed to almost wear the table out in the years we had it.  As much pool as I played you would think I would be good.  Not so, I would get beat on my own table all the time and Barbara almost always beat me at the game.

The Pool Table
 Ok, after a couple semesters of school, I noticed that her pool game had improved a lot.  Upon further inquiry we found out she was honing her skills and became a Pool Shark and was playing in the Student Union building.  That was not good.  She was good at pool though!

Later in life she played some more softball and also joined a volleyball league.  It was difficult for her to be there all the time with 4 young children and a husband who worked long hours.  Whenever the family got together at her house the old volleyball net would come out and the game would be played for blood.

Barbara got married and moved out of state the year that I was posted overseas, so we didn't get a chance to see her play a lot of sports after that.  Pictures were mainly of the grand children as they came along, rather than sports.

Did I tell you that our three children are competitive in sports?  No?  Well, I imagine you have figured that out by now.  The funny part about them is that all their spouses aren't really into sports that much except as spectators.  Goes to prove that opposites do attract each other. 

I played industrial league basketball into my 40s and was very competitive, so I guess I am the blame or can take credit for their interest in sports.  I accept either of the two reasons above and have enjoyed watching them develop as players and people.

I've written about each of them and their sports the past few blogs and want to thank them for giving me many father's days even though it wasn't in June most of the time.

I do draw the line at playing Pictionary with them.  They are too cut throat for me and I enjoy watching Henry's face when the kids and Gerry go at it over a Pictionary play.  Too scary for me to get involved in that game.  When the dictator showed his ugly face one night, that was it for me.

Three reasons for celebrating Father's Day
 Now the wait is on to see what presents I get this year.  LOL

Thanks for reading the blog this far.  Aren't you lucky that I don't have 8 children?


  1. Barbara is a great sister to have I know that for sure. It was always fun to play softball together. I missed her a ton when she moved and didn't have her on my team. And look how pretty she was for my wedding, and how handsome my brother was. (and they both still are) Love my family!!!

  2. We were never competitive in our family when it came to sports. Now Jim's oldest son is about the most competitive hunter I've ever known. I'm not really competitive about anything. Have an interesting Friday the 13th.